Chapter Two

They made their way through the desert, and as they passed through a narrow passage with steep hills on either side, suddenly the ground on the hillside exploded, and from their foxholes, the enemy brought up their rifles and opened fire.  Red Cat, at the lead of the column, was one of the first to fall, a bullet in his chest and head.
2 There was no cover. The Children of Spirit were like targets on a range and the enemy was safe in his holes. Soldiers of The Oneness appeared on both ends of the passage, blocking them in. As Red Cat lay bleeding, he prayed, "Spirit, if you exist, save my people. No matter what evil I have done, do not punish them."
3 He heard a voice in his mind that seemed to be off at a distance. "Some prayer!" it remarked. "First, he doubts our existence, then asks us to help! Should we answer such a prayer? What does he offer in return?"
4 "Damn!" thought Red Cat. "All right. Hear this then, my prayer. Your son has erred and fallen from your Blessed Way, but repents his evil. Save my people, and from this day forth I will be Your obedient Servant. I will take Shy Fox's council in all matters. I will right the wrongs that have been done in my land. But I ask you….do something....ANYTHING! Save my people!"
5 He felt a warmth come over him, a peace he hadn't felt in many years. Suddenly the wind that had been barely a breeze shifted, and began to roar. Over the hills on one side came a cloud of dust that rolled down upon them. Soon, everyone was blind, barely able to tell where they were.
6 "We're saved!" cried Shy Fox, "We are saved! Dust storm! Head back north. Don't leave any wounded or any of the new rifles. Northward!

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