Chapter Four

In a certain house of pleasure a girl was leaving the room in which his first mate lay, in tears, ashamed of the things she had been made to do. As she went out the door, two men entered.
2 "I'm sorry, gentlemen," announced the woman, "I'm not one of the ladies of the house, but a customer. You'll have to leave."
3 The men nodded. Suddenly one of the men knocked her back onto the bed, grabbed a small pillow, and covered her mouth so she couldn't scream. The other man pinned her down on the other side.
4 "Our master has just learned," the second man answered, "that our army has survived the unfortunate attack by The Oneness, and that your mate may have lived. It will not take him long to figure how the enemy got the information on their routes. He wants you to know this is nothing personal, but he must protect himself. He told us to be quick, and that you weren't to suffer. It's a pity. We could've had some fun!"
5 The woman tried to struggle when she saw the knife, but the man used it quickly. They wrapped her in the bedding and that night threw her in the river. It would be a long time before her body was found.
6 Unfortunately for the keeper of the house, her death did him no good. The captured prince knew who had sold the information to his people. Despite his precautions the man still lost his head, and so did most who worked for him.
7 As the army marched north, Red Cat's aides were surprised by his change of character. He refused ale or wine, even cut back on his eating. And

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