Chapter Five

Now, Red Cat and Shy Fox again met in the desert and marched south. Coming down into Tr, they retook every inch of ground that The Oneness had seized, and even took a few of THEIR villages, in trade.
2 The Oneness backed off. They sent Messengers, saying they were willing to make a settlement, to pay any debt The Children of Spirit thought they were due.
3 Red Cat agreed. Prisoners were exchanged and he marched home with a great treasure. The cities were back in order, and the Land was happy.
4 Red Cat became a First Speaker worthy of office. The rest of his days he traveled from city to city with his mate, Shy Fox and his mate, who he had met on the battlefield in the south.
5 There was not a city in which they did not build something of value, using their personal fortunes- a library here, a hospital there, a school here. Sometimes a certain female architect would be hired to do the designs. "I am always impressed with the results," praised Red Cat. "She has been well trained."
6 The inheritance they left their people was never to be forgotten. Shy Fox returned to one village, built a new school, and established a fund that would pay for the poor children's books. "This," he announced, "Is how it SHOULD be done."
7 In another village nearly bankrupt from a certain water project, he paid off the debt and left a fund that would help out everyone's payment. "Are you not softening their punishment?" inquired Red Cat.
8 "No," argued Shy Fox, "they've learned their lesson! I'm only easing the burden. Once the lesson

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