24  ''Yes, I am sure that is true," smiled the other Commander, "but I am not empowered to even discuss the possibility of such trade. I will have to return to my Lord God, advise him of your existence, and he will send emissaries to discuss such matters."
25  "Very well," said Grey Deer. "I will give you the position of our nearest colony. Your representative can come there, and discuss such matters."
26  The Haven Commander agreed. As the experimental animals had fared well, it was decided that each Commander and several members of his crew would visit the other's ship for a parting meal.  Then both would return with their respective Leaders with news of the contact.
27 So it was the two ships departed. As soon as Gray Deer returned to communication's range, the news he carried was shot across the Union by hyperbeam, and was soon known on Hades.
28 The First Speaker, Sorrowful Fox, sent immediate word to all colonies. "Prepare for combat. Prepare plan 'Desperation,'
and be ready to carry it out on my signal!"

Prophecy Comes True

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