26 When I saw nine go, I hit the thrusters and was close behind it. I turned the viewscreen to aft and we watched the ship shrink into nothingness. I must say, that our journey to our new home was spactacular! The planets were lined up in such a way that we had to pass by many of them very closely to get to our goal and the views from our ports were indescribable! These worlds were as beautiful as many in The Confederation!
27 Finaly the blue world we were headed for began to come into view. I kept checking my fuel gauges and my wife looked at me with great concern. "Do we have enough?" she asked.
28 "We have enough for entry," I answered, "the Navigator is feeding me coordinances from the first ship. He thinks our best chance to land is on this coast, here. As we get closer he should be able to find an exact spot! But I'm not sure if we can make it to land. We may go down in the water. And I don't know if we can convert this ship to solar drive while it's bobbing around in the water. If we can't we'd be at the mercy of the first storm! Excuse me, but we're approaching the atmosphere and for the next few minutes I've got to do everything absolutely right!'
29 We watched the fireball form around us as we thundered into the atmosphere. As soon as we had control again, I continued to apply thrust, but then I had to stop. The Navigator was feeding me the coordinances to a broad, flat piece of land just in from the coast. But as I read the instruments I knew we were going to fall several miles short.
30 Suddenly my instruments began to indicate we were speeding up. We seemed to have thrust again! I studied them with curiosity. "What is it?" my wife asked.
31 "I think something's pushing us!" I told her, "Not much, but if it keeps up we just might make it! I might get close enough to use the landing thrusters. But it's very odd! The thrust isn't coming in a steady flow, but in powerful pulses! Whatever it is, whatever's causing it, let's pray it continues! Everybody secure themselves! I don't know how hard we're going to hit." I told my wife "Put the baby in an inflatable and put it against the bulkhead!" My wife hesitated but then quickly obeyed.
32 I saw the other ships maneuvering in ahead of me and hit my thrusters. One by one I watched the others clear the cliffs and maneuver away to give me room. I lowered my skids. The front one touched ground just over the cliff's edges, and the back ones scraped the tops of the cliffs as they touched down. But I skidded forward and finally came to a stop.
33 "I think you'd better start breathing again!" My wife snapped. I followed her directions. Then I flicked the switch letting in the outside air. "What are you doing?" my wife asked.
34 "If we can't breathe it," I told her, "it makes little difference!" My wife looked at me strangely. "Your features have changed a little bit!" she remarked. "Your hair is different and your beard!"
35 "We are adjusting to this world," I told her. "Our Olympian genes are making us into the form that can best survive in these conditions. It's effecting you, also, and I am not displeased!"
36 Airs called from one of the other ships. "We seem to have interrupted something!" he remarked. "There's two large groups of natives all around us on both sides. They seem to be upset that we're here. They're casting objects at the ships, long shafts of wood with metal tips. Shall I take some action to disperse them?"
37 "I'm sure they can do us little harm," I answered. "They will get tired, in time, and go away. Then we can get out and survey our situation. Just be patient."
38 But as the hours passed it became apparant the natives had no intention of withdrawing, and Airs again called and asked permission to take action.

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