Chapter 8

"Very well!" I ordered, "Release the drones, but instruct them only to use enough force with their projectiles, to knock the people down. Aim for their shields! I don't want to shed any blood."
2 "Understood!" Airs answered.
3 On all of our ships two hatches opened, and the defensive drones shot out. They began to circle around the ships and as the natives moved in to hurl their weapons they fired their darts, hitting the native's shields and knocking them to the ground. But still the natives kept trying to attack.
4 "Should I use some gas pellets?" Airs asked.
5 "Only the non lethal ones!" I ordered. "Put them in the masses of troops on both sides of us, just a couple."
6 Two of the drones arched off and each one dropped a couple of tear gas pellets into the mass of troops. In moments the troops was withdrawing, but as soon as the gas dispersed and they could breathe again, they returned.
7 "I'm beginning to admire these people!" I told Airs. "They know they're terribly outclassed but they will not give their ground. Let's see how they like some electric shocks! Transfer an electric charge to the outside of the shields so that when they approach again with those metallic weapons it'll jump to them. That ought to give them a surprise!"
8 "Yes sir!" Airs chuckled.
9 Sure enough, the soldiers started to march forward en masse and just as soon as they got in range the electric charges began to hit them. In total disarray they retreated. A few moments later Airs called.
10 "This is really odd!" he remarked. "As these people were retreating they were calling your name, Commander!"
11 "What?" I asked.
12 "Listen!" Airs continued. "We picked it up on our microphones!"
13 A static filled replay began and as I listened in astonishment I heard many voices crying "Zeus! Zeus! Zeus!"
14 My wife looked at me in total bewilderment!
15 "Sir," Airs called, "the troops have backed off. They're all sitting on the ground. A small group from both sides is approaching. They're carrying banners, probably identifying their different tribes. They're putting their weapons down on the ground, coming forward a short distance form each other. Now they're just standing there."
16 "I think they want to talk," I answered. "A party of twenty men, and you, and, myself, two from each ship. Form ranks in front of your ship and I'll come out and join you."
17 A few minutes later I came up to Airs. I nodded to him and we started forward. A short distance away from the others I motioned my men to stand and went a few feet ahead. Then I motioned to the two leaders opposite us and they they came forward. The biggest one, obviously younger than the other, spoke in a rather gruff voice.
18 "Who are you? You have interrupted a confrontation between two kings. Who are you to interfere with us?"
19 "I am Zeusias," I answered, "a Commander of The Olympian Confederation. This is the Commander of my security forces, Airs. We mean you no harm. We had difficulty and were forced to land here. In a short time we will fix our ships and depart."
20 The older of the two men immediately fell to his knees. "Our sincere apologies, Lord Of Olympus!" he moaned. "If we had known you were The Gods we would never have challenged you! I give you leave to stay upon my ground as long as you need. If you desire it I will bring you refreshment, and my daughters are at your disposal."
21 The other man stared at him in disgust. "I see you sweat in the heat of the day," he remarked. "If you are a God you are a weak one! Show me what power you possess that I should bow down to you."
22 Airs reached for his weapon but I blocked his hand. Instead I drew mine and pointed to a large rock on top of a cliff not far away. I took careful aim with my weapon and discharged it. The psychokenitic bolt was a bright flash that could be seen even in the light of day. It struck the rock, split it in half, and the two pieces plummeted to the ground. The big man looked in awe then fell to his knees.
23 "King Penalon is no fool!" he snapped, "God or not, you can hurl thunderbolts, as the legend says! Though it is disputed whose land this is, I, too, give you leave to stay here and will see to your needs. And my daughters, too, are at your disposal."
24 "Colonizing this world is going to be easy," Airs muttered, "if they so willingly offer their daughters!"
25 I gave him a look that told him to be silent. "I accept your hospitality!" I answered. "Please, rise!"
26 I reached in my pocket and took out two gold coins that had the sacred wreath on them and the mountain of beginnings. I motioned for these kings to extend their hands and put one in each's palm. "A gesture of my good will," I remarked.
27 The two kings turned the coins in their hands. "A gift from The Gods, indeed!" the smaller one remarked. "The crown of olive leaves and the image of Mount Olympus! Now do you still doubt, my neighbor?"
28 The other man looked at him, bewildered. "One moment," I asked. "Do you mean that all of you people are fighting over this piece of land?"
29 "Yes," the bigger man answered. "This area is vital to my kingdom. I need it to grow enough crops to sustain my people. My neighbor, here, also claims it."

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