Chapter 12

I have not added anything to this record for some time, because there has not been anything of note. But in our fifteenth year here a great tragedy has happened. Our beloved Helen has been abducted by some fool of a prince named Paris, and we cannot locate her! She was taken just after my wife visited, so it was some days before her husband was able to contact Creos and he came to us. We immediately began a search but could not locate their ship. I have a suspicion my brother might be assisting this fool. Him and Creos have not been getting along. He has been allowing his people to take some liberties with the natives, which Creos has been stopping. The situations have stopped, but it is obvious that this Paris had help. He could not have gotten away so quickly in one of the local ships. But it is believed he already has Helen back in his palace at Troy. Creos and I are going up to try to mediate her release. We have gotten the consent of the King to visit.
2 The only other thing of note that I must report at this time, is that my wife is disappointed. She has only produced five children in the last fifteen years, way below the norm. She should've had seven by now and be preparing for the eighth, but there is no sign that she is bearing. She is extremely upset about this. But all our women are being so effected. They are not becoming fertile on schedule. Sometimes they go three years, or even four years between births, instead of two. My wife has been scolding me that I have not been doing my duty as an Olympian male, and producing more children with the natives. I have just been so busy! She has arranged for me to keep company with the daughter of King Agenor Of Sidon, Europa. She is a bashful girl, but we are beginning to build a relationship, and I think a child may be soon coming. Hopefully, this will quiet my wife for a while. As soon as we make the trip to Troy I will include the report on it.
3 Some days ago Creos joined me and we took one of the ships up to Troy. We landed outside the city and a servant informed us that Prince Paris, Helen, and his mother were on the top of the west wall. If we would follow him he would take us there. "No need," Creos snapped. "I know where it is!"
4 He soared away and I followed. The natives are always startled when I am able to fly without wings. They do not understand levitation! We landed on the wall and Helen immediately came forward. "My beloved Creos!" she cried, "Please inform my husband that I have been faithful to him. All that has been done to me has been done by force. I was taken against my will. This foul thing is only able to sleep with me because they bind me, hand and foot. Twice I have gotten loose and almost killed him! Unfortunately he has his mother sleeping in the room with us, and she was able to subdue me before I could finish him."
5 "Lies!" Paris' mother screamed coming up, "Lies! She is here of her own free will! She has forsaken her first husband and taken my son. She is an unholy wife, and will not do her duties! My son takes what is his right as her husband."
6 The back of Creos' hand took the woman across the face, and sent her crashing to the ground. "We are under a signal of truce!" he snapped. "But if any more lies come out of your mouth the next blow will kill! Don't try to protect this animal by calling this honorable woman a liar!"
7 Creos examined Helen's hands, then spun and punched Paris in the face! He, too, went down, but quickly gained his feet. "Have you no honor?" he screamed. "My father gave you consent to come here and discuss the matter! Why did you strike me?"
8 "I will be dropping by from time to time," Creos answered, "to check on this lady's condition. And I swear to you, if I ever find marks on her wrists again where she has been bound, rather I have promised your father not to interfere or not, I will personally rip your head off and put it at her husband's feet! Do you understand me?"
9 "Yes!" Paris answered, "Yes! If she must be bound more caution will be taken that it does not harm her. But I will have my rights as her husband, or even as her host! For even as a captive she is honor bound to fulfill my desires."
10 "I swear," Helen answered, "every time you try I will put my mark on you, and if I can I will kill you!"
11 "Enough!" I put in. "It is obvious this meeting is going to accomplish nothing. Paris! I ask you to let Helen leave with us now. Her husband is raising an army. They will come and they will take her, no matter how long they must stay to do so. You cannot win! Your forces are insufficient! Return her now, stay in this castle, and never leave again, and her husband will forego any other punishment. Anything else, and when you finally fall into his hands he will be permitted to take whatever justice he wishes. Now, give us your decision!"
12 "I will not surrender her!" Paris answered. "She is mine! That brute that she calls a husband shall not have her back! We will defeat whatever force he brings! I, too, have allies!"
13 "You have fools," Creos answered, "listening to a fool, and, creatures of Darkness! Zeus is right. There is no sense trying to reason with you. You are ruled by that waste of meat between your legs. That is where your brain lies! And it is a waste of time to try to reason with that."
14 "We are of royal blood!" Paris' mother screamed. "We were appointed by The Gods to rule this land! You are a mere servant of The Gods, a spirit, of no great importance! Who are you to command us?"
15 "You are not of royal blood!" Creos answered. "Your blood is what flows out of the sisterns where your toilets empty! The stench of it is unbearable, and only the most loathsome can live around it! Do not think that you are people of importance. Sadly, your names will be remembered in history, but only for your ignorance, not for your wisdom!"

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