7 Creos laughed. "It means to cleave," he answered, "to cut through a piece of meat with a single great blow. It is the term that the native butchers use."
8 Odin thought for a moment then nodded. "It is appropriate!" he remarked. It is appropriate!"
9 Odin's people have started their own works creating concentrate. One of their members has been put into the task. As Odin forbids sacrifice to him they have to gather their own supplies. But the forests are full of wild game, which their hunters use to fill their vats. Actually, if they did not constantly thin the herds they would quickly overpopulate the land and destroy the vegetation. So they are doing the natives a great favor! But they do not like the liquid concentrate. Once a week the woman in charge passes the concentrate out in the shape of green balls that taste like native fruit. It is more than enough to sustain them. I asked Odin why they were doing this, and he answered "We just like it better! I can see no harm in it, so if that is what they perfer I let them."
10 Sadly, we have lost another of our numbers. Hades' companion has left us, and is now with her sisters and brothers in The Afterlife. Hades has been keeping company with a native woman, visiting her quite often. But her mother objects. She does not like him suggesting that she join him in his underground realm, as beautiful as it is. I am afraid this will create difficulties in the future. But if it does, it will be resolved, somehow.

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