Chapter 15

A hundred years has passed since my last report. Little of consequence has happened except for the situation with Hades that has proved rather unusual, to say the least! The native woman he chose is part of a family that the natives believe controlled the weather and brought good fortune to their lands. Though they were not kings they had a great palace and the people brought them gifts from all over, and praised them! I asked Creos of this and he said that they were descendants of his people and had great psychic ability. That they did, indeed, have the ability to alter the weather, somewhat, and he would appreciate it if Hades create no problems with them. However, Hades could not control his desire for the daughter, Persephone, and convinced her to go off with him. The result was that the mother, Demeter, so pined for her daughter that the worst two years of weather the natives had ever seen descended upon them! Finally, several of the Kings came to me in committee, and begged that I do something! I tried to intercede but Hades would not even receive me. But he was on good terms with Creos and I asked him to mediate.
2 After some strained negotations Hades finally agreed to a compromise. During the summer when his supply of energy is not so needed Persephone would be able to spend many evenings with her mother, and Hades, himself, might visit on occasion. But during the winter they needed to be at the facility constantly because their psychic power was necessary to stimulate the growth of the bacteria that was being used to generate the power. It took all of Creos' great persuasive ability to get Persephone's mother to agree! But the compromise is in place and working, and the weather is back to normal.
3 Otherwise than that, there have been a few local incidences here and there, but nothing of any real note. One odd part of this situation, however, while staying with Hades Persophene began to feel weak and he gave her some of the concentrate that we consume daily. She immediately revived and her powers seemed to increase! It was found that she had been pregnant, but instead of being born the child has absorbed into her, and has gone dormant. Apparently the concentrate caused her to absorb our regenerating capability from her unborn child. It did not seem to effect her fertility otherwise, because she has produced five sons and six daughters since! My wife is at a lost to determine how this could've occured. The only possibility that she can think of is that Creos' people used an artificial process to extend their lives, and the gene to accept this process may have been within Persephone. The combination of intimacy with Hades and the concentrate caused her body to accept our rejuvination process and four of her unborn daughters were absorbed to give her a five hundred year life span. She has checked others to see if they have this gene, also, but thusfar, no one else has shown any signs of being able to absorb our regenerating process. I have asked Creos "How could it be possible that Persephone and Hades just happened to get together?" He laughed and answered, "How is it possible that your people just happened to come here?" I understood his meaning. I have wondered at those same thoughts, myself.
4 Though I do not particularly like this worship thing, I must say, I am honored by how these people have learned our ways! We have set up a monitoring system, and the computer that was salvaged from the ship listens to the prayers of everyone in the temples each day, and alearts us to anything that might be of concern and should be dealt with. Sometimes, on its own initiative, it responds to prayers advising them how to act in any particular situation according to Olympian doctrine. Creos isn't exactly happy with this, but as it appears to be beneficial he has not asked us to stop it. Here are some of the prayers that I find interesting.
5 "Zeus, Father Of Our Wisdom, Glory Of Our Past, And The Hope For Our Future, I ask for Your wisdom this day, that I might carry out my affairs with Your great understanding and Your profound wisdom. Let me deal honestly with all those I meet. Let me deal justly with all those I have grievance with. Let no man say of me he is not a good follower of Zeus, that he does not follow the wisdom that Zeus has given us. Let me be an honor to You, and let me be an honor to all The Gods, that our land may prosper, and our people be glorified. You are our Light and our Strength. Let me have that Light to guide me and that Strength to sustain me."
6 "Hera, Our Mother And Our Strength, the example to us of what a wife should be, the keeper of the ways of mothers, and the protector of our children, help me to be a good wife. I tend to argue with my husband. I am not always pleased with the things that he wants to do. I often wish he would do other things. Help me not to complain too much, but also have my husband listen when I have complaints that he should listen to. I ask not to take his place in my house, but I ask to be heard, and my opinion valued. My Mother, make my home a good place for a woman, and not a place that a woman is ignored, other than for the purpose of fulfilling her husband's needs."
7 "Aires, Champion Of The Gods, The Carrier Of Zeus' Thunderbolts, And The Keeper Of His Honor, as I go to battle, Great Lord, I ask that You put Your strength in my arm, and Your wisdom in my mind, that I might be better than my enemies, stronger than those that oppose my people. Let the enemies of my house find that I am a wall that cannot be breached, that I will hold fast against all who come against me, and bring down all that oppose my house, that any that come against me will be met with honor but that they will be defeated. I ask these things in the name of Zeus, Our Father, who You protect, so that I might protect those that I stand before."
8 "Hades, Keeper Of The Elysian Fields, I ask, Great Lord, that you accept my mother into Your care. Though she was somewhat of a quarrelsome woman, and sometimes irritated our neighbors, she was a good mother and a good wife, and mostly in the end, made peace with whoever she quarreled with. I ask that she has a place of comfort, that

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