20 "It will be so!" the King begrudgingly answered. "It will be so! You have fulfilled your bargain!"
21 So it was a month later, Herakles returned and took his bride away, and they had many adventures together. It took four years to kill the last of the hounds and the King's people were not happy! Six years later his youngest son, his only surviving heir, and his lover, decided that he had waited long enough to be king. They murdered the King and seized the throne! But in only a few weeks the people had had enough of them. They seized them, hung them up and then devoured them, then took down their bodies, sewed goats' heads into their abdomens, put a ram's horn where it would give them eternal joy, and buried them in unmarked graves. Then they sent messengers to Herakles saying that he was heir, that he or his eldest son should come and take the throne!
22 Herakles returned and left his three oldest children in the charge of a steward, and his eldest son grew to be a wise and gracious King who led his people well and good. This ends my account of my son's adventures. I will leave it to others to record those things he does later. But I will always be proud that he bears my blood, for he is the father of good kings, not just in the land of his birth, but in other places besides.

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