Chapter 27

It has been a hundred years since I made my last report, and I am sad to say 46 of our numbers have succumbed to old age. And many of the animals that we have created are disappearing as well. Creos says it is because our males are so dominant that the young ones are leaving the herds and taking over native animals and mating with them, and that their genetic inheritance is becoming weaker and weaker. I am afraid he is right.
2 Much has been going on the last few years! We have established colonies in other places besides the area where we landed, but they have been overrun by a barbaric people called The Persians. Several small skirmishes have already been fought and it appears a major battle is looming. Creos says it will be numbers against skill and determination and not even he is sure what the outcome will be. He believes our people can win, but it is going to take every bit of skill that we have. We are preparing to take a group of soldiers up into a mountain pass so they can hold it and give the rest of the forces time to rally. I will report on the results of these efforts later.
3 I must report that our efforts in the first attack of this enemy were dismal. We got the troops up into the pass, but the weather turned against us. They held for a time, and then were betrayed by one of their own countrymen, who led the enemy around behind them. The heroic king leading them sent all but three hundred of his troops to safety, and then held as long as he could. But he bought time and we were able to gather enough troops to defeat the enemy later, in a successful ground battle. Only Creos' great skill in getting these people to fight together and to use superior tactics gave us the day! Later the enemy was completely defeated in a naval battle! On the water we don't havve to give these people much advice. They are more than capable of meeting and destroying any enemy! If they could only keep their unity after the battles, and stop fighting among themselves!
4 I have fathered thirty more native children, and two more children among those of our women that survived! But their ability to produce is dwindling long before it should. They have had far less children than they should have had. Though Creos' people continue to be born in our bodies. Even They are not strong enough and try as they may, those of us that remain in The Afterlife here cannot be reborn. We are simply needed to maintain what already exists. I wish so much I could get this imformation back to my people so they would fully understand the necessity of continuing to colonize in the manner that we have been doing, and not to try to cut numbers in our colonies. I am afraid that smaller colonies would suffer the same fate that we are suffering here.
5 And I have heard that my son Odin is having troubles. His colony was thriving but now there has been some trouble between him and one of his other leaders, and they are beginning to fight amongst themselves. Creos has gone up to try to mediate, but the divisions are deep. Apparently Odin had an affair with the leader's wife, and she had a child, which angered the leader greatly! Now they are squabbling constantly! This would've never happened in a stable Olympian colony. The leaders would have wanted each other to father children with their wives, to create the greatest diversity. That this discourse is occuring is showing that The Olympian Way is failing here, and it should not be. It simply should not be! 6 Sadly, I had to arrange some misfortune for a group among these people that supposedly worshipped me. They were teaching that all boys, as soon as they became men, should be given to men for sexual pleasure. I caused them to put their settlement on the side of a volcano that I knew was about to catastrophically erupt! Now, they, and their foul teachings are ashes circling this world! Creos says this will be a constant battle. There are always some among these people that turn to this foulness. But these won't be any more! I have seen to that! And the rest of the natives around here know full well I was responsible! And if they are interested in that kind of thing they are not doing it publically! Because they know that it will immediately bring my wrath!
7 I know this is a short report, but I have nothing new to offer at this time. We are doing our best to give these people the Olympian ideas, to guide them to a civilized society. But it is difficult, it is very difficult!

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