Chapter 28

It has been a hundred years since my last report. Our numbers continue to dwindle. Fifty-eight more of us have succumbed to old age, many of those among my brother's people. Many of those that remain with him are tiring of the undersea life. We may have to abandon his shelters and destroy them. Creos insists that we leave nothing behind for the natives to find once we are done with them. Any of our technology could devastate them! I agree with him! Already devices have been installed that will destroy all our dwellings automatically when the last of us cease to function. We can leave nothing behind except these records and a few small items that Creos will watch over, should some of our people arrive.
2 I continue to receive reports of the quarrels among our children to the north. I have gone up several times myself, to try to mediate. We cannot understand why this is happening! It is not The Olympian Way! We can barely keep them from fighting each other, and I'm afraid that sooner or later a confrontation will occur.
3 Creos has told them if they do fight, to fight far to the north where there are no natives. All have agreed to this. But I would prefer they not fight at all.
4 We have established new colonies to the west that seem to be a little bit more stable. They are populated by many of our descendants and led by two of my sons Romulus and Remus. I am hoping that they will do well. Their mother resembled one of our ancient peoples. The natives called her a wolf, though she walked like them and could carry on a conversation with the best of them! It amazes me that they think someone that doesn't look exactly like them is an animal! It is a matter of no real consequence, just a constant irritation.
5 We have noticed another problem. As soon as one of my people dies who was watching over a city and guiding its people they forget completely about the breeding program, and those with our ancestry immediately start breeding with full natives instead of those they were supposed to have children with. Creos says they are following their animal instincts. But it is rapidly thinning our Olympian genes! In a few generations we would be so scattered among them as to be virtually unnoticable! Now and again some of our genes might come out producing odd people, but we would have no concentration among the natives. My wife keeps visiting some of the cities trying to keep people on track, but they don't seem as interested in the rewards we offer any more. We constantly struggle to keep The Olympian Ideal intact. We are beginning to build some culture, they are now keeping written records, and are beginning to realize there is such a thing as art and culture, not just day to day life.
6 But they are also beginning to fight amongst themselves. Sometimes when the causes are just we cannot interfere. But we would like them to find solutions that don't require fighting. It seems to be a complete impossibility, but we keep trying!
7 Natives are beginning to live in the part of The Afterlife that we have created, and continue to worship us there. Creos says it is a foundation of a spiritual kingdom that will probably last until we gather our people and return to the stars. That seems such an impossibility at the moment! But Creos and his people have such faith in the idea, such belief that they will accomplish the purpose. I sincerely hope that they are right! I have often asked Creos what would happen if my people were to appear and we were to offer to take them to some other world and provide them with physical forms, and he has answered quite clearly that they would not leave until they were sure their children could fend for themselves, that they would not destroy themselves. I find such dedication to a purpose outside The Olympian Way refreshing! Devotion to one's family, to one's children is everything to these people. Even if they could leave themselves, they would not do so. They would make grand additions to The Olympia.
8 That's about all I can report at this time. There is little doubt we will leave a legacy here, but it will not be a thriving colony..

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