Chapter 29

Another hundred years has passed since my last report and sadly I must report that the colony to the north has been completely destroyed. My son Odin and his followers fought each other to mutual obliteration. Only three of their numbers survived to rejoin us. All of their settlements have been totally destroyed to leave no trace. Plus that, we have lost another eighty-four of our original numbers, and we have found that almost all of the first generation of our children have perished, both those that were purely Olympian, and those that were half native. My wife is deeply troubled. She fears for our descendants. But there is nothing that we can do. We live long lives but we don't live forever, though Creos continues to argue that with me. He says we are immortal souls. In one form or another we will exist forever, even if all life perished on this world we would likely survive until some wandering race arrived that could take us elsewhere. That thought does not appeal to be. It does not appeal to me at all.
2 But we do continue to make advances. We have succeeded in establishing a stable system of laws and in giving the people a basic idea of democracy. It is a struggle! Every step we go forward the accursed creatures of Darkness here cause the people to take three steps backwards! It is little wonder that Creos hunts them with such a ferocity, and beats them senseless every opportunity he has! It is unfortunate that you cannot destroy the foul things, only beat them into submission so they crawl off and take several decades to heal before reappearing again, usually far more cautious!
3 Creos says when I take on a spiritual form I will probably be among the demon bashers, that I will not stand by and let them destroy everything we have built. I have very rarely known him to be wrong, so I doubt that he will be in this matter!
4 Though I have tried with all the remaining females I have been unable to father any more full blooded children. Our women are becoming extremely frustrated that they have all lost the ability to reproduce so early. But it seems to be the nature of this world. I have, at my wife's insistance, fathered thirty-two children with the natives. But I have gone far afield, even to the other continents, as I wish to leave as much of our inheritance as I can scattered among these people. Creos says he can't imagine what stories will be told about The God Of Thunder visiting and taking virgin brides and leaving great leaders! Sometimes I think he considers The Olympian Way a great joke. But he is always helpful and I do not let his humor bother me.
5 My wife says I am misconstrewing his comments, that he always speaks what he considers the truth, that actually his people have no sense of humor. They find very little funny. They do not hate, nor, do they love. It would be far too dangerous for them to hate. Their anger is more than enough! If they were to hate they would destroy everything in their vacinity! She said "I once asked one of their women to describe love to me. She looked at me and said "We do not comprehend the word. To us love as you people express it, is a common need for each other, a need for someone to fulfill your desires with." My wife said she thought about this for some time and then came to realize that they were absolutely right! When you got right down to it that's what love is, a mutual need for each other! They are the strangest people! Yet they are the most wonderful people.
6 It is not pleasant being marooned, lost on a distant world. But when there is pleasant company, people to help you survive your isolation, it is all the better. It is all the better, indeed!

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