John Lennon's New Songs From Heaven
Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic Linda J. Polley

The following song demos are featured in animation videos
created by Gerald & Linda Polley.
Click on the titles to view them.
They are in wmv format best played on Windows Media Player.

1. We're Just Truckin'!
1.41 MB

2. Hey, James!
A "Feet To The Fire" Tribute
2.00 MB

3. Don't Make Heaven Mad!
Showing what God would like to happen to South Dakota.
12.00 MB

4. A Tribute To Anna Nicole Smith
**Removed at the request of Anna Nicole's husband after her death.**

3.39 MB

5. Lucinda
1.96 MB

6. Whacko The Clown
9.07 MB

7. Hussein's Butt Song
2.44 MB
The Kingdom Of God's Song For The American Troops
July 4, 2,006.

8. The Virgin Islands
(Our Music, Not Our Art Work.)
1.95 MB

9. Jerusalem
(Our Music, Not Our Art Work.)
2.38 MB

10. Cincinnati's So Much Fun!
6.23 MB

11. We'll Stand Together!
3.16 MB

12. Marines!
3.11 MB

13. Care
4.24 MB

14. Don't Need No Greenback Dollars!
Featured In
"Speakers Gerald & Linda Polleys History In Photographs"
2.70 MB

15. If You Want A Holy Christmas
Featuring a song by John Lennon from November, 2,005.
5.75 MB

16. Stand Up!
The song that saved the world!
5.80 MB

17. The Red Kangaroo
John Lennon's song to help save Australia's wildlife.
Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin uses this song for the theme of his new t.v. show in The Afterlife!
4.90 MB

18. Kevin & Bean
Featuring a song by John Lennon Channeled January 6, 2,000.
For The DJ's At KROQ, Los Angeles, California who helped him save the world.
With art work by Linda J. Polley.
1.50 MB

19. *He's Uncle Frank!
Featuring a song by John Lennon for Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank.
The Kingdom Of God's Father's Day Gift, 2,007.
With art work by Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley.
3.44 MB


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