August 22, 2,011

    Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are internationally known psychics living in Ellsworth, Maine.  Since 1999 they have channeled music by famous composers in The Afterlife.  They have appeared on ABC TV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" four times in 2,004 singing some of these songs.
    Michael Jackson still reaching out to the world.  He has written this new little song and dedicated it to The King Of The United Arab Emirates who he still feels he owes a debt.  He wants to use it to raise funds for the social security system.  We'll take every one we can get, Michael!  Keep 'em comin'!  The song lyrics are below the video and audio links.
    You can contact Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley who are well known for channeling music from The Afterlife at spiritist@yahoo.com

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"Listen To Tomorrow."
The video says Speaker Gerald Polley
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Michael Jackson's name at You Tube.

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By; Michael Jackson
Dedicated To The King Of The United Arab Emirates
Channeled Through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1. Why can't we change tomorrow
Why can't we change our fate?
Why do we dwell in Darkness,
Smother ourselves in hate?
Why do we hate the dreamers
that give to us the truth?
Why do we hate tomorrow?
What are we gonna do?

2. There must be some way of telling
Where we're gonna go,
If we cling to the Darkness,
and continue to let it grow.
If we spread the hatred
'gainst every other way,
How can we have tomorrow
if we cannot have today?

3.  How can we have tomorrow
if nobody really cares?
Why do we feed the children,
If we don't want them there?
How can we make a better world
When no one really cares?
How can there be tomorrow,
If no one is there?

4.  Isn't there somebody out there?
Doesn't someone care?
Won't they listen to The Prophets?
Please, won't someone care?
Listen to the glory
of the things that we can do!
Can't there be tomorrow?
Can't we all be true?

5.  We wander in the Darkness
fearing every Light,
That will show what is within us,
the Darkness of the night!
We will not hear the voices
that ask us now to care,
We wander in the Darkness
with nobody there.

6.  Can't there be tomorrow?
Come on, won't you care?
Can't there be tomorrow?
Isn't someone there?
Our sons and our daughters
they all walk away,
They do not care for nothing,
except the games they play.
They wander in the Darkness
And leave us all alone,
Can't we give them sunshine?
Can't we bring them home?

7. Can't there be tomorrow?
Can't somebody care?
Can't we listen to the wisdom
that from God they share?
They tell us the stories,
of what is going to be,
There won't be a tomorrow
if we give up the dream.

8.  Come on, come beside them!
Come and keep the dream!
Come and hear the stories
that will save humanity!
Don't wander in the Darkness,
don't wander all alone!
But come and share the glory
and send the children home!

9. Come, listen to the glory
of Those who came before!
Come listen to the glory
and live, forever more!
Come listen  to the glory
and live, forever more!

*  *  *

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