John Lennon's New Song From Heaven

July 24, 2,005

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley are internationally known psychics who live in Bismarck, North Dakota, and are most known for their channeling of songs from The Afterlife, especially the ones by John Lennon, and, George Harrison, formerly of The Beatles. However, they have received word from Heaven that today tragedy has struck beyond comprehension! Part of Speaker Gerald Polley's mission to Bismarck, North Dakota, was to find a church there that would become God's residence on earth from which He would transmit His power throughout the world, to stop those sodomizing His children. That mission has become a failure. The last minister approached sent a letter accusing The Polleys of being agents of Satan, even though God Himself spoke to him, and, Jesus, telling him to accept them as servants of God. God ordered Speaker Polley to send a letter to these people telling them that He was withdrawing from their temple and taking Jesus and all of His Angels with Him, stripping them of their power
Everyone thought this would be the end of it, but on July 23rd Speaker Polley was called into The Kingdom Of God and informed God had vacated The Holiest Of All, abandoning mankind, and that He would not return until He had a temple somewhere in The United States where His Glory could rest and His power could radiate from. This has taken Everyone completely by surprise! The Polleys have no way of arranging for a temple in another city to take God's power. This is a disaster beyond comprehension! The Work continues, but without God in The Holiest Of All, the Residents of The Kingdom Of God are losing heart. They feel They are already defeated. No one knows how this terrible situation can be resolved. For complete details check the August issue of "Voices From Spirit Magazine" which is published here on August 1st.
John Lennon, now Apostle Of Religious Assignments in Heaven, also known as God's Hand, whose music has kept Heaven and earth together since 1999, has written the song below, to help bring God The Father back to The Holiest Of All and with his new band Beatles & Friends, which includes his old friend George Harrison, are singing this as much as they can to try to change the universe for the better, once again.  Feel free to send any comments or questions you have to spiritist@yahoo.com

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By: John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  How could you betray Him?
How could you say no? 
He offers you the power that would save your souls.
He says "Come here, stand with me,
and I will make you grand!
Come and save my children, be the glory of my land."

2.  How could you speak against Him?
How could you drive Him far away?
Why did you say "I won't have it! I will have my way!"?
You know the power waiting if you'd take His hand,
Why did you turn against Him?
What has become of man?

3.  Come and take His Glory!
Come and make His Stand!
Bring Him back to His Home, say you'll be a man!
Take the power that He offers, come and take command!
You know The Father's waiting,
Come and take His hand.

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