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Vol. 19 No. 4
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Page 1
John Lennon's Latest
"The T.V. Watchers"

Down But Not Out

Why Couldn't Jesus Heal Me?

Page 2
Unexpected Turn

Progress Report

Page 3
Uplifting News

Page 4
In Great Spirits

Page 5
John Lennon Praises
Health Care Givers

Page 6
Letter Of Accommodation

Page 7
Good News And Bad News

Star Wars' Message Profound

Major Storms On The Old Worlds

Page 8
A Tribute To George Lucas

Page 9
Sad Circumstances

John And George Competing

Page 10
Jesus Saved Michael

Wow Is Here

Page 11
Jesus' Fourth Of July Greetings

Page 12
Paparazzi Insane!

Page 13
George's Sampler

The Prophet Yahweh

Page 14
Done With Jimmy

Power Transmissions
On The Old Worlds

Dispensing The Power Of God

Page 15
  Afternoon Snack
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Mission To Bismarck May Fail

Page 16
 Imagination's Place
Keeping Promises
 By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 17
Still Trouble With ABC

Page 18
The Lord Of Heaven Is Fighting Back!

Sickness On Jimmy Kimmel's Forum

Page 19
You Call These Fans?

Jimmy Kimmel Praise Page

The Real Edgar Cayce Stands Up

Controversy Over Hitler

Page 20
People Are Reading Our Emails!

Page 21
Things Are Better

Happenings In Gaza

Page 22
God Is Gone

Page 23
Follow Up On Heaven's Disaster

Audio Up!

Page 24
Problems With The Big Toe

Banned From The Boards!

Page 25
Good Visit With The Med

Dispensing The Power Of God

Book Review
By Linda J. Polley
Invisible Leadership
Igniting The Soul At Work
By; Robert Rabbin

Page 26
Mary, Queen Of Scots
Picture By; Linda J. Polley

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