July 19, 2,009

Internationally known psychics Speakers Linda & Gerald Polley of Bismarck, North Dakota, have channeled new songs by John Lennon from The Afterlife since 9/9/99. They also channel messages from God The Father, and songs by George Harrison, Kurt Cobain, and Johnny Cash

God The Father wants Nelson Mandela to become The Ruler Of The Kingdoms Of God because Jesus has left the Earth and abandoned mankind. He has gone to rule over another world whose people will accept Him as their Savior. None of His Apostles will take the job, not even John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, who is now Heaven's most powerful hero. He refuses because his former wife, Yoko Ono will not accept his Apostleship and later join him in Heaven when she dies.

The spirit of Michael Jackson, now yet another of Heaven's most powerful heroes, suggested Nelson Mandela for the job, as Michael is trying to establish a power base in Africa. While Mandela was sleeping God invited his spirit into The Afterlife to ask him to take this position. John Lennon wrote this song especially for this occasion. Speaker Gerald A. Polley channeled it.

We are trying to get God's Petition to Mr. Mandela asking he take the job, and, one to Rev. Jesse Jackson who Michael Jackson believes is the only one who could successfully promote Nelson Mandela's elevation to the African American people in The United States, and get them to support him in doing this. If anyone can help us get these messages through we would appreciate it! The future of the Earth depends on it.

First Michael Jackson & John Lennon asked Speaker Gerald A. Polley to record a version of this song acapella.

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Then God The Father asked Linda to do a version accompanied on her keyboard.

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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

All rights reserved.

1. Joy, joy to Africa!
God He calls His son!
Joy, joy to Africa!
Mandela is the one!

2. Joy, joy to Africa!
For the Light has come!
Joy, joy to Africa!
Mandela is the one!

3. Darkness now surrounds us!
Eternal night will come!
But God has called His hero!
God has called His son.

4. Joy, joy to Africa!
God has chose a son!
Joy, joy to Africa!
Mandela is the one!

5. The Throne will not be empty!
Never, any more!
For one will sit in Judgment
Now, forever more!

6. Joy, joy to Africa!
For the son has come!
Joy, joy to Africa!
God's wonders they are done!

7. Joy, joy to Africa!
God's wonders they are done!
Joy, joy to Africa!
Mandela is the one!


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