Michael Jackson Writes A New Song In Heaven
For The People Of Australia

March 14, 2,011

Michael Jackson, like many before him,(See the links at the bottom of this page!) is trying desperately to be the one to make a breakthrough and begin raising funds for Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley, internationally known psychics who work with God.  He worked most of the night on a song to try to raise funds for the courier/protector in Australia.  He must've gone through seven versions!  Finally, this morning he recorded a demo through Gerald, then Michael & Gerald sent it to Gerald's wife Linda.      

Michael sends a message to The King Of The United Artab Emirates.  "Here's another possible song for that album."  Though he's in hopes some Australians might buy the English rights. The lyrics are below the link with the audio which was sung by Michael through Speaker Gerald Polley.

 You can contact Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley who are well known for channeling music from The Afterlife at spiritist@yahoo.com

Click Here
To Listen To Michael's New Song
It's a 2.65 MB MP3

By; Michael Jackson
Channeled Through; Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  Now, in the days of glory
when we have won the fight,
They will tell the story
of those who had the might,
Of those who had the glory,
who stood for what was right,
Who led us in the battle
against the darkest night.

2.  Down in Australia they will
tell a tale,
Of a daughter of glory,
of one who would not fail.
Who stood against the Darkness,
who became The Light,
Who was the Glory
that led us in the fight.

3.  With hair as dark as midnight,
and eyes so shining bright,
With a voice so filled with glory
it led us to the right!
Yes, she had the power!
She was the might of God!
They will tell the story
of a servant of The Lord.

4.  A Daughter Of Islam
that heard the word of God,
That heard the Prophet speaking
and had to serve The Lord,
That came and stood beside Him,
and always did the right,
Who led them in glory
in the darkest night.

5.  They will tell the story
of the mighty might,
Of the daughters of Glory
that stood against the night,
How they licked the Darkness
and drove away the night,
The Daughters Of Islam
that stood for the right.

6. Let the glory be forever
comin' in the night!
Come and end the evil,
lead her to The Light!
Come and fill the glory,
let's do what's right!
Lead her from the Darkness,
and let her be The Light!

7.   Let us tell the story
of glory, evermore,
Of The Daughters Of Islam
that stood for right, and more!
That stood against the evil,
that broke the power of night,
That took us from the Darkness
and gave us to The Light!

That took us from the Darkness
and gave us to The Light!

*  *  *

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