From; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE Vol. 9 No.1 Copyright May, 1995 By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved.


Our interview this issue is with Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of Healing and Enlightenment channeled through Rev. Speaker Gerald A. Polley.
1. Greetings, Noble Lady! Let us ask first just who were The Egyptian Gods?
A. As you well know, sir, we of Egypt were survivors of The Great Holocaust when The Children Of The One God and The Children Of Spirit fought their final battle on Earth. We were some of the servants the Goddens had created out of the local race to tend their fields and operate their machines.
After the Great Destruction a small number of us survived in the Nile Valley, and ruled it for a thousand years or more until the last of us died and our descendants quarreled among themselves, and Egypt became separate states until the great Menes united it again, into a single country, and began to build there a great nation.
The Egyptian legends are the stories of our rule passed down from generation to generation. I will not speak of this because in time I know according to your bargain with us you will put these things down in the history of your people, so that all things may be well remembered.
2. Why did you want this interview?
A. I have not come to answer silly questions to amuse idle minds. I have come to give mankind a warning, especially a warning to those that profess to follow The Teachings of the kind and gentle Muhammed. but a warning that is also for the rest of the world.
3. What precisely, is this warning?
A. That the people of Egypt are ours. They are our children, our descendants, they are our charges, and, our joy. None will rule over them but us. We have no quarrel with any other people, any other deity, any other Teachers but those who profane the Teachings of The Holy and use them for conquest and oppression, those we will battle and those we WILL destroy!
Ra is returning, and all the Pharaohs come with him. They already have breth, flesh and bone, and are scattered to the four winds. They are dark of skin, light of skin, and, yellow skinned. but within their hearts they are Pharaoh, and their Soul is Egypt.
Already Khufu was amont you but you murdered him because he made peace with your neighbors, a crime that has not yet been fully punished.
Soon the great Ramses II will come from the south with the great riches he has acquired from the Earth to dress the naked, to feed the hungry, and to begin the rebuilding of the temple.
Pepi II is rising up from the ranks too be the leader of a great army that will join with The Children Of The Light not to make war, but to make peace, to end hatred.
Amen Emhet III is coming from the west, to make the deserts bloom, so that there may be a home for the homeless and peace may reign.
Amen Emhet I comes from the southwest with wealth and skill to build cities like have never been seen.
Zoer is coming from the northwest to establish great places of learning that will be the envy of all the world.
And lastly from the north, comes Sahure, who will be skilled in the ways of the sea, both in peace and war, and with his wisdom shall build such a navy that no evil in the world would dare threaten Egypt's shores.
In time to come the temples of Egypt shall be rebuilt. The temples of the false teachers will fall into decay and the people of Egypt will return to their Fathers and Their Morhers, and will worship Them in peace, building in the lands of others only with their consent.
But let mankind beware! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to interfere with The Awakening of Egypt's children, with their return to their own source. Such interference will not be tolerated, and the sorrow that will result from it will be greater than any people will want to pay.
We shall leave you in peace. Leave us, also, in peace.

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