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The Spiritual Teachings Page

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No Supreme Being.

All Things Are Governed By Natural Law.

The Body And Soul Evolve (Reincarnation).

Personal Responsibility.

Worship Of Ancestors And Lords Of Light.

The Second Death.

The Innocent And Helpless Should Be Protected Against Aggression.

The Male/Female Relationship Is Sacred.

Racism Is Forbidden.

Extra Terrestrials Still Visit Earth But Must Not Interfere.

Sacrifice Is Forbidden. (Shed No Innocent Blood.)

Do Not Profit From Religious Teachings.

Support The Temple And Share With Others.


The Awakening
is actually one of Spirits' most important Teachings. It's why we're here, what we're all about.

Going Forth In Twos

Hashon Standard Time

The Right Not To Believe


The Right Not To Speak

A Spiritist Speaks About Salvation

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley's Pictures, Biographies
and more from Voices From Spirit Magazine, Vol. 2 No. 2.

We have been putting a lot of things out on the internet, in different publications, and, by email. Here are some.


Channeled EMail To Radio Stations

Christ's Edict on California and Hawaii is one of those things we simply MUST feature here.

Christ's Edict

Mohammed was the first Prophet to work with us when we began publishing our magazine, and he is still working with us today. Here is an important message from him that needs to be given to the world.

Mohammed's Message

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

About Spiritistm

What Halloween Really Means

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Mary, The Mother Of The Nazarene

Nazi 1 Of Germany (Adolph Hitler)

Isis, Goddess Of Egypt

Editor's Page

Speaker Linda Polley has been Editor of Voices From Spirit Magazine for over twenty years. Here's where you can learn more about this internationally known psychic and what she does.

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