From; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE, SPECIAL EDITION,A GUIDE TO THE SPIRITIST FAITH Vol. 3 No. 4 Copyright October, 1989 By Spiritist Publications By the Polleys. All rights reserved.

By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

The Lords never permit racism. If anyone ever comes to you and says "The Lords proclaim we are the master race," turn from them, banish them, put them out from among you, for they are not of The Light, they are evil.
The Lords do not forbid racial mixing. They encourage it. They believe in taking the best from every race and blending it together into one blessed union, that will be an example to all those who would walk in the Darkness of evil.
To hate someone because their skin is a different color, or their body is a different shape, or because they give Infinite Law a different name, is the greatest of ignorance, and the Lords are not ignorant, but The Wisest Of The Wise. So those who will believe that such things make a difference in people are not welcomed by Them. They do not prepare for them a Place in which to dwell.
Would you not rather open your heart and say, "Blessed Ones, I believe in Your Teaching, I believe in Your Way. I will follow it with all my hert. If others wish to follow another path and do no evil, let them, for in Your Wisdom You understand these things, and I wish to be as wise as You."

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