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has always played an important part in The Awakening. Here's some of our favorite Spiritist Hymns & Songs Of Praise that have been enjoyed over the years.

Drumming Drumming Drumming
Jamie's Song
Just Like That Tree
The Empire
The Speaker's Theme
True Dixie
We Are The Light

Channeled Songs From The Afterlife

Over the years Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley have channeled many songs by famous musicians and composers in The Afterlife.
Here are some we know you'll enjoy!

Remember The Springtime

Hussein's Butt Song

A Tribute To Our Loved Ones

A Photo Album dedicated to our families.

Poetry Space

We always think poetry adds a little class to our publication. Here's some that's been in VOICES over the years.

Answer Of Pain
Astral Bond
Full Moon Invocation Of Metatron
Jim & Tammy
Lily's Poem
Mistress Of The Spirits
Open Your Heart
Our Job On Earth
Quiet Time
Someone Without A Shadow
Star Visitor
The Wing Tips

Laugh Space

Here are a few of Speaker Polley's favorite jokes.

Imagination's Place

Over the years our Voices From Spirit readers have enjoyed our short stories about a Lord Of Light called The Ancient One. Here are four of our readers' favorites. Click on each individual link to read the story listed.

The Briefing

Instructions From A Friend



Here are a few of the books we have written and channeled over the years you may enjoy.

Our Books Are Back!

Non-Fiction Section

Abbott & Costello; Still Makin' Pictures!

Channeled through Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley. All rights reserved.

Delightful fun for all ages!

The Book Of The Nazarene, From; Light; The Divine History Of Spiritism From Hades To Earth

This work contains adult material that might not be appropriate for young readers.

Lenin; My Biography After Death

Channeled Through Speaker Gerald A. Polley. All rights reserved. This work contains adult material that might not be appropriate for young readers.

A Spiritist Guidebook

Channeled Through Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Fiction Section

Spirit Lad

By; Speaker Linda J. Polley. All rights reserved.

Fantasy. Science fiction.

An exciting adventure for all ages.

Click Here to read more books by Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley.

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