Channeled Through; Speaker Gerald A Polley.
Copyright April, 1978. All rights reserved.

Page One
Declaration Of The Spiritist Religion

Page Two

Page Three

Prayer Of Protection

Healing Prayer Of Spirit

Page Four;
What Is Spiritism?

Page Five
What Spirit Taught The Old Fox

Page Six
What The Spirit World Is Like

Page Seven
Types Of Spirit Workers

Page Eight
Spirits Who Help Us

Page Nine
The Home Altar

Page Ten
Ceremony Of Adulthood Or Entry To Church

Page Eleven
Wedding Traditions & Ceremony

Page Twelve
Wedding Ceremony

Page Thirteen
Funeral Traditions & Ceremony

Page Fourteen

Page Fifteen
Spell Of Protection

Page Sixteen
Spell For Healing

Page Seventeen
Spell For Vengeance

Page Eighteen
Spell Of Need

Page Nineteen
The Matter Of Dress While Casting Spells

Page Twenty
Amulets And Talismans

Page Twenty-One
Expelling An Evil Spirit

Page Twenty-Two
Ceremony For Ridding A House Of An Evil Spirit
And For Purifying A House For Occupancy

Page Twenty-Three
Meditation; What Is Meditation?

Astrology; What Is Astrology?

Page Twenty-Four
The Proper Conducting Of A Message Meeting (Seance)

Page Twenty-Five
The Matter Of Lights In A Message Room

Page Twenty-Six
The Use Of The Message Board (Ouija Board)

Page Twenty-Seven
Church By-Laws (Part One)

Page Twenty-Eight
Church By-Laws (Part Two)

Page Twenty-Nine
Church By-Laws (Part Three)

Page Thirty
Church By-Laws (Part Four)

Page Thirty-One
Church By-Laws (Part Five)

Page Thirty-Two
Church By-Laws (Part Six)

Page Thirty-Three
Church By-Laws (Part Seven)

Page Thirty-Four
Teachings Of Spirit

Page Thirty-Five

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