By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Speaker Linda J. Polley
Sung By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

There have been a great many requests for "Remember The Springtime ", but John was upset because my wife was singing it.  He wrote it for me.  Linda has recently been featured on a British t.v. talk show, V. Graham Norton, Channel 4, and Sky T.V., and people visiting the site from their link wanted her to go back on singing "Remember The Springtime," but John said "No, I don't want her singing that song.  That song is a love song to Yoko and a woman should not be singing it.  I wrote it for Demetrius (Speaker Gerald Polley) to sing it, not a woman.  If they want it have him record it and they can play that, but I don't want a woman singing a love song to my wife!  It just makes me uncomfortable.  Doesn't seem right."
So, we have fulfilled John's wishes and recorded a short version of the song.  This is not one of my best efforts.  I had a cold at the time, and the recording session did not go well.  But we finally got a half decent run and decided to keep it.  As John said, "That's good enough!"
I will admit, I'm not the world's best singer.  I try.  But we are doing our best to fulfill John's wishes.  We don't want him upset any more.  When he wants something done his way we try to do it.  We hope you'll enjoy this effort. The song lyrics are below the audio link.
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**The audio of this song has been replaced as of January 23, 2,007, by a video, and it's a little bit better than the first version.**

Speaker Gerald Polley
January 26, 2,003

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"Remember The Springtime"
Sung By Gerald A. Polley
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***MAY 11, 2,009***

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Sing This Song And
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By; John Lennon
Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All Rights Reserved.

1. Remember the springtime
when we used to be,
Remember the springtime
and hold to the dream.
There is forever,
Forever's no dream,
If you hold to the springtime,
Remember the Dream.

2. Just walk down the by ways
where we used to be,
Think of the good times
with memories of me,
Just give me your memories,
I'll give you my dreams,
Forever's no promise
Forever we'll be.

3. We'll be together
in times yet to be
if you'll remember
the springtime
Remember the Dream,
Hold to the promise,
Forever we'll be,
If you hold to the springtime,
remember the Dream.

4. Just remember the springtime
with memories of me,
There'll be forever,
forever we'll be,
Just give me your memories,
I'll give you my dreams,
Then there'll be forever,
forever we'll be.

(Repeat All To End)

(End with..) There'll be forever,
forever with me.

*  *  *

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