From; A lecture given by Speaker Gerald A. Polley at the Unitarian-Universalist Church, Ellsworth, ME, March 21, 1993.


A fundamental of Spiritism is reincarnation. The Soul is first created by a microscopic organism, usually one that dwells in the sea. For these are the only things that can draw ectoplasmic energy together, combine it with matter and material energy, and form it into an organism that has the possibility of growing into an Eternal Being.
Some of these Souls are quite unstable, and only live one or two lifetimes before breaking down and returning to the ectoplasmic state. But some continue to draw ectoplasmic energy and grow.
They pass through several stages- the primitive, the juvenile, the intelligent, The Lords Of Light, finally to reach The Ultimate, where they go off to join with other Souls to dance The Dance Of Life, and bring new life to another world.
Sometimes Ultimates perform other functions, but this is the most common. They go out into the universe, joining with Souls from other races, to combine and make an entirely new animal line that will go on to eventually make its own Ultimates, and keep The Circle Of Life forever going in the Universe.
No Soul can make a new Soul. but by combining with other Souls They create the new life that will eventually make new Souls that will go on to make New Life.
This is the true nature of creation; life going on to make life, over and over again...many species combining to insure the continued existence of all.
Now, you're going to ask an important question that puzzled Spirit Teachers for untold ages. If this process exists, where did it all start? Where did the first Souls come from, to grow into Ultimates and start this Circle Of Life?
This mystery was answered a few hundred-thousand years ago. The Original Souls developed spontaneously in The Dawn Of Time, in the vast, empty spaces between the suns. It is impossible to fully understand how they existed, but it is understood that each individual Soul was enormous, filling vast, empty spaces between the evolving suns.
Untold ages passed, while these creatures existed, before the evolving of the first worlds that could sustain life. But no life form came, though the possibility was there, until these Great Souls cast Their Essence into one of these worlds, beginning The Circle Of Life that we observe now.

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