The Edict below was removed from California on October 8, 2,003 by Jesus in gratitude for the people of California listening to The Angelic Messengers and voting in Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor Of California. The Edict still is in effect on Hawaii, however.

The following article was published in VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE, Vol. 10 No. 4, Copyright, March, 1997, By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys, P.O. Box 4301, Portland, ME 04101. All rights reserved.

Channeled Through; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

I, Jesus Of Nazareth called The Christ, do, on this 11 day of February, 1997, in agreement with Abraham and Moses, send this order to those people that worship God in that part of the world that is known as The United States.
All that follow the Teachings Of God are to leave those places that are called California and, The Hawaiian Islands. They are to leave them as soon as possible, because of the iniquity and blasphemy that is being committed by the leaders of those places by permitting the marriage of man to man and woman to woman. The only exception to this order are those in military service who will not be required to leave until their current period of service is concluded. Then they shall not reenlist and leave these places, forthwith.
Two months from the publication of this Order, any persons that claim allegiance to God and die in these places will NOT be permitted entry into God's Kingdom, no matter what prayers they say or ceremonies they have conducted.
Any that hear of this order and do not pass it on to others will not be allowed entry into God's Kingdom. Any that try to inhibit the spread of this message will be denied entry.
After the period of grace that has been granted has passed, no excuses will be accepted, no pardons granted. Those who are of God will not stay in the places of iniquity or visit them for the purpose of pleasure. If they do they are not of God.
As it has been decreed, so will it be!

* * *

We publish the preceeding transmission under protest. We do not believe that a people should run from such an evil, or, that they should be punished for not doing so. We believe that they should stay and fight. But The Nazarene's followers in The Spirit Realm threaten to withdraw from The Grand Alliance if we do not obey His wishes, and we simply, at this time, cannot survive and carry on our Work without the Power they transmit to us. We are trying to arrange for those fighting this evil to remain to oppose it.
We do not believe The Nazarene's plan will work of forcing these states to abandon their support of homosexual marriage by having His people leave, and disrupting their economy. I simply do not believe enough of His people would obey His wishes.

* * *

The following material was published in VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE, Vol. 11 No. 1, Copyright, May, 1997 By; Spiritist Publications By The Polleys, P.O. Box 4301, Portland, ME 04101. All rights reserved.

Jesus Of Nazareth is extremely disappointed with His followers. We sent copies of the magazine containing His order for people to leave California and Hawaii to twenty-five ministries appearing on The Trinity Broadcasting Network. These were followed by a letter of personal instruction, in which Jesus stated that if these people did not begin to follow His instructions, The Holy Spirit will be removed from their ministries.
They have not carried out His instructions. So, all the power that used to be given to their ministries is now being given over to us.
We regret we do not have the space to print the letter and a list of the ministries it was sent to. If anyone wishes a copy, they can obtain one by sending us a $5.00 donation to cover the work of preparing it. (Free by e mail.)
We have tried to negotiate some concessions. We are especially concerned about young children dying in California and Hawaii and not being allowed entry into Heaven. But The Nazarene will not make any concessions.
"My people have refused to hear The Holy Spirit," He says. "They prefer to follow the desires of man. They must pay the price. I put these little ones in your care and the care of your kind brethren until such time as their parents mend their ways and stop the evil that they do. Then I will consider permitting them entry into Heaven, but ONLY then.
But as I have decreed, after midnight April 30th, anyone dying in these unholy places will not be permitted to enter into The Kingdom Of God. And I add to that, also, anyone investing in any companies located in these places, or in any of the governments of these places....they, also, shall be denied entry into God's Kingdom. (We have been asked what happens to someone if they live in California or Hawaii but die someplace else, are they still under the edict? The answer is yes. If they live in California and die someplace else, they are still subject to the edict.)
If people will not obey God's Laws, respect God's ways, then they are not of God, and do not deserve God's rewards.
This is how it must be. Man excuses and forgives evil, God cannot. The price for evil must be paid."
We wish we could convey some better news. But The Nazarene stands fast and will make no concessions.
We have done all we can do. We are not financially able to do any more. We even sent fifty post cards to California radio stations and only got three responses. We have done ALL we can do.

* * *

When Jesus says He orders all people that worship God to leave California, who exactly does He mean?
He means LITERALLY all people that worship God, who are part of those religions that were derived from the teachings of Moses, who are descendants of Abraham; Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Mormans, Seven Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, ANY that teach that they accept The Nazarene's Teachings, or those of The Prophets, are considered by The Higher Powers Children Of God, and under The Nazarene's dominion. These are who He speaks of. Perhaps even Muslims can be included in this category.
Any of these people who have sworn allegiance to God are under this Decree, and suffer the penalty if they do not obey. The choice is theirs.

The Following message was channeled through Speaker Gerald A. Polley, P.O. Box 4301, Portland, ME 04101 from Jesus Of Nazareth in the spring of 1997.

Greetings To The Children Of God, Or, Perhaps To Those Who Profess To Be The Children Of God!

I am God's Obedient Servant, Jesus Of Nazareth called The Christ. I communicate with you in this desperate and dark hour because through my good friend Demetrius (Gerald Polley) I have sent to you God's instructions on the evacuation, the withdrawal of His people from those places called California and Hawaii. You have not acknowledged the receipt of these instructions. You have not begun to make those instructions known to the people of God, and you have not begun to carry them out.
You have not heeded the Voice of The Holy Spirit that was sent to you to tell you these commands were true, and given by God. Demetrius would never deceive you. He would not tell you he is of God, though, in his heart, he knows God better than most of you. But because of our long friendship he has been empowered by The Holy Spirit on My Command to speak for God, to make the people of God aware of His displeasure, and, of His anger on many things. He does not have dominion over you! I pray to God that you never give him such. BUT I HAVE DOMINION OVER YOU! And it is for me that he speaks, and I speak for God! And those who will not hear me ARE NOT OF GOD!
Therefore, those who are not of God force me to take the Power Of God from them.
If you do not acknowledge Demetrius' instructions within forty-eight hours of the receipt of this correspondence and begin to make known what God desires of His people, then God's Holy Spirit, God's Divine Love, will be withdrawn from you. That which empowers your ministry will be taken away. It will become solely a thing of man, and be devoured up by the things of man around it, until it is no more.
Each hour half of The Holy Spirit's Glory will be withdrawn from you, and half again, until finally all of it is taken away. You will feel the growing emptiness as God withdraws from you. And in the last hour you will know that now you have only the power of man.
THIS IS NOT MY WISH. Above all else I want to glorify your ministry. I want to increase the good it has done and make it do more. But the Hour has come when the line must be drawn, when people must truly decide who they shall serve; God or man, good or evil, light or, darkness. God's Power in Its absolute Glory, has given you a beacon, has given you a Light that is not truly yours to have, that belongs to others. Only a fool dwells in the darkness when he could have the Light. I do not wish to take The Light from you, but if it is your wish I will do so. The choice is yours. But God cannot love those who will not do His Will.
Demetrius pleads for you. He asks for patience. He asks that you be given more time, that the good things you do in these evil places be continued. He makes many reasonable proposals on your behalf. But as you have not acknowledged his message and asked for God to listen to your problems in obeying His wishes, none of the things that Demetrius suggests can be considered. And this is your fault, your desire, not God's.
It would be my greatest joy to grow closer to you, not to withdraw from you.
I have said all I will say. Now it is up to you. Remember Your Father In Heaven. Obey His Will


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