From: VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE Vol. 3 No. 6 Copyright January, 1990 By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved.


This is an interview with the Spirit of Mary, The Mother Of The Nazarene. Her words are channeled through Speaker Gerald Polley, who also provided the questions.
1. Why have you chosen to speak through us when we are Non-Christians?
A. Oh, no, my good friend, you are not getting me to add fuel to THAT fire! I will not say what you are, and what you are not. Wiser ones than I know the answer to that question. I have asked to speak through you because you will give my words EXACTLY as I say them. You will change NOTHING to please yourself, or, to please others. But you will say what I wish to say. This is why I speak through you, friend of my Lord.
2. What is it you wish to say?
A. I wish to make a plea through you to all of every man and every woman, that they stop worshipping me, that they stop praying to me. For evil and misguided men have made me a spiritual harlot, have given me a place no woman should hold.
I am NOT Queen Of Heaven. I am NOT equal with my Lord, nor do I, in any way, share HIS power. I was merely The Father's handmaiden. I provided the vessel for my Lord's Glory. This in no way, made me any greater than any other woman whose son became a Rabbi. Did not my Lord teach you how to pray? he said 'Our FATHER, who art in Heaven, glory be Thy name.' He did NOT say 'Hail my Mother, full of grace, holy art thou among women,' because I am NOT holy. I never was holy. I am only a mere woman who performed a woman's joy, and this exalted me in no way.
Those coming into The Lord's House from other ways missed their goddesses, and evil men, to make them happy, gave them a false goddess, and took glory away from The Lord. This MUST end. I beg all mankind to take down every idol of me, to dispose of them and stop worshipping them. For every time they pray to me, they commit blasphemy, and as long as they do, they will not know the joy of my Lord's Kingdom. THAT is what I wish to say.
3. You would have all the beautiful artwork made of you destroyed?
A. If man can keep these things without worshipping them, then I have no objection to them. But if they insist on bowing down and praying to them, then destroyed they must be. Nothing must distract from that my Lord came to do, even things of exceptional beauty.
4. What about all the blessed women that have formed Sisterhoods in your honor, and have done many good works in this world? Would you have them disband?
A. My good friend, this is the way of YOUR kind, not ours. This is one of YOUR teachings that has been added to Our Lord's Way. I love each of these as if they are my sisters, and, my daughters. But what they do, too, is blasphemy. For my Lord has but one bride...His CHURCH, and no woman can take THAT place. I bless each and every one of these, for what my blessing is worth. But I would much prefer that they leave these places, and do what The Father In Heaven made them be wives and mothers, and to do their good works still, while fulfilling that for which they were meant. When one turns from the natural path and denies what is good and holy before The Lord, they deny the purpose of His Glory.
5. What about those that have claimed to receive messages from you, and to have had miracles performed on their behalf? Were all of these lying?
A. My Lord has many Messengers that go to and fro. What mankind perceives these Messengers to be makes no difference to me. On rare occasions when I have been called, I have appeared to one of a truly sincere heart, and given them the truth of my Lord's Kingdom. Study what my Lord has said, and study those messages that are said to have come from me. If you have a mind at all, you will know who spoke truly, and who spoke falsely. It amazes me that man can be so ignorant at times, and so easily deceived.
6. What else would you like to say?
A. Something, my good friend, that you will not agree with, but something I cannot rest until I express. I must ask every woman that is strong and healthy, and bears new life within her womb, not to destroy it. I know all your objections, my dear one, that if a child is not born one place, it will be born someplace else, that nothing truly dies. But even if these things are so, The Father In Heaven has chosen that this child be born of this woman, that it exists in this place and this time, and that it intermingle with the lives of those around it, and it is not for mere men to end this existence before it has even begun. It is not a decision for man to make, but for The Father In Heaven.
7. Will you be able to answer more questions later?
A. I will return in one year's time to answer any other questions that are submitted to you. I will, however, not be available on demand. You should be able to answer many questions from our long discussion preparing for this talk. I wish you to fulfill my desire and to send this message to the leaders of all faiths that worship me, that you may open their hearts and I may speak to them within. That they may know that what I have said through you is truth. The answers to their questions you may give to the public in a year's time.

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