FROM; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE Vol. 7 No. 1 Copyright May, 1993 By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved.

By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Spiritist Teachers never work alone, they are always sent back to life with a partner, a companion, to bear witness to them, and, to share their life with them. They always go out in male-female teams, two Lights shining together as one. Sometimes they go out in larger groups, especially if they are working on some particular mission like establishing a Magna Carta or writing a Constitution, or a Bill Of Rights.
Team work is one of the greatest aspects of The Spiritist Way. Each part of the team is trained to perform a particular mission, equipped with skills such as teaching and writing, fundraising, security, protecting the group, and such. Sometimes the teams can be separated by great distance but they are still part of the team.
Sadly once and a while a team member will go astray. the pressures or joys of the material world will become a little too much for them, and they will be distracted from their mission, and others must be called in to take their place. But no Bearer Of The Light is ever angry with those who sometimes get tired, and would rather not endure the difficulties this particular lifetime might offer, if they speak too boldly, or stand too strongly for what is right. For he or she knows that these individuals have worked hard in the past, and will work hard again in the future. That the system has built in back-ups, and there is always somebody ready to jump in when a tired warrior against the Darkness decides to take a well-earned vacation.
Sooner or later they will come back to the battle, if not in this lifetime, in another, and their strength shall be the strength of ten. Such is The Way Of The Lords. Such is Their Glory, and, Their Truth.

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