From; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE Vol. 9 No. 6 Copyright January, 1996 By Spiritist Publications By the Polleys. All rights reserved.


By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

We have mentioned in previous articles The Awakening and, as we have not clarified what this is for some time, some of our new readers have been justifiably curious and have asked us to explain what The Awakening is.
Approximately 500,000 years ago two alien societies, survivors of a tragic intergalactic war, arrived on Earth and established colonies here. One group tried desperately to keep the peace, but the other plotted treachery. And, in a final battle all the aliens except for a tiny few that resembled humans perished. The few survivors quickly became absorbed into human bloodlines, and fell into barbarianism.
Human bodies and minds were too primitive for these extra-terrestrials to be reincarnated into, so for all these centuries they have been waiting for mankind to evolve to the point where they could again take on living form. That time has now arrived.
With each passing year more and more of these alien entities are taking on human form. In time there will be billions of them. They will make up, with their human allies, two-thirds of the world's population. They will be two-thirds of the population of every country, every state, every province. They will be two-thirds of every religion.
But they will not long keep the religious views prevalent now. Instead, they will begin the rebirth of their own religion, Spiritism. After this is accomplished they will work on their goal of returning the Earth to the people that it rightfully belongs to, and, returning to the stars where they truly belong.
With the permission of their human allies they will keep some settlements on Earth, but their main goal will be to reach out first to the planets of the solar system and make their homes there, then, as space travel becomes more advanced, reach out for the stars.
Only a handful now, are awake, not all of these fully understand their mission. But in the years to come that will change, a new order, an Old Way will come back into the world, and much that now plagues it will disappear because The Children Of The Lords, The Children Of The Light, will not think in terms of political power and economic expediency, they will make their decisions on rather something is right or wrong, just or unjust.
Greed and hatred will be outlawed, and those who use it for power will be dealt with harshly. And those who would simply live in peace with others will find themselves unmolested.
This will not come about in an hour, in a day. But it will come about because understanding Immortality The Children Of The Light have all the time in the world. After all They have waited 500,000 years.

JANUARY 10, 1999

The Awakening is still going on. Unfortunately because of the interference of The Ashtarians, an extra-terrestrial race that had ambitions of invading and taking over Earth, it has been delayed. Many of those Awakening have been misled, even destroyed, before they could complete their missions! But The Awakening has not failed, it CANNOT fail, it has only been delayed.
We are struggling now, to overcome this alien interference, and save mankind. At the moment things are grim. But being immortal we refuse to accept defeat. We will not allow these Dark Ones from afar to destroy our children, to murder our friends! We hope that you will join us, that you have the Spark in you, that deep inside of you there is a memory calling, saying "Where are my Blessed Ones? Where is my Truth? How can I find it?" It is here. Visit the rest of our web site. It is all there for you. Come, join us! You are welcome, you are needed. You are not alone.

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