1. When does a Soul enter a new body?

A. At the moment of physical birth when the child leaves the mother's body.

Q. Why doesn't a Soul enter the body sooner?

A. As long as the developing child is within the mother's body it is part of her body. Two Souls cannot occupy the same body at the same time.

3. If the Soul does not enter the body until birth why do some people have memories from before birth?

A. There are two reasons for this- one; The Soul often orbits the mother's aura for the last month or more of pregnancy, and can sometimes perceive what is happening around her. Secondly; though there is not yet a Soul in the forming new body, all its sensory perceptions are still working. The newly forming brain stores the sounds the new ears are receiving. After birth these prerecorded sounds become part of the individual's unconscious.

4. Can we choose where and when we will be born?

A. Yes and no. Higher developed Souls can choose where and when they'll be born, carefully selecting the parents they want. Young Souls have to ride the ectoplasmic winds and are drawn to whatever new bodies will fit them.

5. Can we reincarnate as the opposite sex?

A. No. The male Soul is positively charged, the female Soul is negatively charged. Each physical form has evolved to take the gender that was intended for it. On rare occasions individuals force themselves into bodies of the opposite sex, but this is a disastrous mistake which only ends in misery.

6. If we cannot reincarnate as the opposite sex, why do some people have memories of being the opposite sex?

A. There are two reasons for this. One; when we are intimate not only our physical forms join, but also our minds and our Souls. We become one, sharing each-other's memories. Sometimes an individual stores their partner's memories so strongly that when these memories are recalled in another lifetime the individual mistakenly believes these are their own memories. Secondly, sometimes an individual will fantasize during their lifetime that they are a member of the opposite sex. Sometimes these fantasies become so real to them that in another lifetime when they are recalled, they think they are an actual lifetime!

7. If we do not reincarnate as the opposite sex, why do some Spirits teach the living that we do?

A. Young Souls take misguided teachings to The Spirit World with them. Sometimes it takes them several lifetimes before they learn these teachings are in error. They tend to group together in The Spirit World, refusing to accept the guidance of the more mature Souls, and continue to teach weak-minded Souls that get in contact with them, that their misguided ideas are true. This phenomena creates a lot of confusion with those doing Spiritual Work.

8. Can Souls in The Spirit Realm have children, mate and produce new Souls?

A. No. There is a phenomena called splinter Souls, but only the minute organisms in the sea can produce new Souls.

9. This idea really confuses me. How can a primitive one-celled creature, the lowest form of life, do something so important as to make new Souls?

A. Because they ARE so primitive, so simple. The more complex an organism becomes, the more centered it is on its own existence, keeping its energies for its own growth. Only the most primitive of organisms can part with the surplus energy that they have produced so it can grow into a new Soul. Complex organisms cannot do this.

10. You mentioned a splinter Soul. What is this?

A. A Great Lord in The Spirit Realm, say, The Nazarene, wants to return to the world to perform some particular mission. But his duties demand that He stay in The Spirit Realm and continue the important Work there. Such Souls have the ability to split themselves into many fragments, and be in several different places at the same time. These fragments are commonly called splinters. These splinters must return to the individual within a day or so to be reabsorbed, but a splinter CAN be sent into a newborn body where it will live out a natural lifetime and at the end of which it returns to its parent Soul to be reabsorbed. Sometimes splinters continue to interact in The Spirit Realm, taking on an almost separate identity. But they have to return to their creator to be absorbed and recharged every month or so, or they will fade and break down. This ability allows The Great Ones to do Their marvelous works. These splinters are often mistaken for true Souls. But They are actually only part of their creator.

11. How big is a Soul?

A. Here is one of those unanswerable questions. The answer is- minute...very, very small! But how small, no one can tell, because there are no reference points in The Spirit Realm. There, everything is perceived to be the same size as it is on Earth, in The Living Realm. But so much exists there that it is impossible for everything to be the same size. So, this is a question that cannot truly be answered.

12. How could anything so minute be so powerful? How can Souls generate so much energy to perform the Wonders that They do?

A. Size has very little to do with energy. Even in the material world some very small things because of their density, are very powerful, exert tremendous influence on the objects around them. A Soul is highly condensed ectoplasmic energy that has been stored over aeons. It can have a tremendous effects on Its surroundings, both in The Spiritual, and, The Natural Realm.

13. Are twins one Soul?

A. No. Twins are separate Souls, but because of the similarity of their material bodies they tend to draw very similar individuals which normally bond with each other, and are very close through their lifetime.

14. You say no body can hold more than one Spirit at a time. If that is true, how are channelers able to work?

A. Any person that allows Spirits to speak through them must be able to withdraw from their body enough so that the visiting Spirit can temporarily use almost all of its capabilities. This is very demanding but it is the only way that this work can be done.

15. I have heard of a phenomena called walk-ins, where a Soul takes over someone else's body. Is this possession?

A. No. Walk-ins take over a body that the original occupant has already vacated, rejuvenates it, and uses it, living out the rest of that organism's time span. This is not possession.

16. Then what IS possession?

A. Possession is when an uninvited entity, usually a Dark One (a Demon) forces its way into someone's body and uses it, usually against their will. Possession is usually used to do the individual harm. It is one of the instruments that Dark Ones use to feed.

17. What do you mean when you say Dark Ones feed?

A. Demons live by absorbing the last energies left in a body after the occupant has left it. Sometimes a body will continue to generate energy for hours. Demons will encourage the feeble minded to kill, so they can feed. That is why we have such things as Satanic cults, that practice ritual sacrifice. Demons use them as feeding stations.

18. How long must someone spend in The Spirit Realm between reincarnations?

A. This depends greatly on the individual. Young Souls tend to reincarnate rapidly, only spending twenty or thirty years in The Spirit Realm. Older ones tend to spend hundreds of years between lifetimes. Highly advanced Souls on special missions, may spend only a couple of years in The Spirit Realm before returning to continue Their Work. It all depends on the individual's needs.

19. Does it hurt to reincarnate?

A. Again a question that depends very much on the individual. Some find the process of birth exciting and relatively uncomfortable. Others find it very unpleasant, but worth enduring to experience another journey through life. Again it depends on the individual.

20. Do individuals often go through lifetimes together?

A. Yes. Especially those on important missions. But the relationships may change from lifetime to lifetime. In one lifetime a woman may be a man's wife, in another she may be his daughter, and in another she may be his mother.

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