1. How can there be so much in The Spirit Realm? Dozens of New Yorks, Chicagos, Los Angeleses, each appearing to be of a different era where people continue to live as people of those eras did? How is such a thing possible?

A. The Spirit Realm exists on many levels, many vibrations, all the New Yorks and other places exist in the same place, but each is at a slightly different harmonic vibration. To travel from one era to another the Soul simply adjust its harmonic frequency. In this way a great variety can exist in The Spirit Realm, but it is all joined together, it is not really separate. All healthy, advanced Spirits can easily travel from one part to another. It is merely a matter of personal taste where one chooses to dwell, and the great variety makes things very interesting.

2. Do people in The Spirit Realm eat?

A. All things must consume something to continue to exist. Souls must consume ectoplasmic energy in order to sustain Themselves. Some Spirits prefer to go to the focal points and absorb this ectoplasmic energy directly, others prefer to have the ectoplasmic energy stored and when They need it put it into a form They enjoy, and, consume it. They think 'I want a ham and cheese sandwich,' and, there is a ham and cheese sandwich...which is fairly good, but if they want a really great ham and cheese sandwich they go to a restaurant where the ectoplasmic energy has been concentrated and is far more enjoyable.

3. What do you mean, the ectoplasmic energy has been concentrated?

A. There are Spirits that specialize in purifying and concentrating ectoplasmic energy to make its digestion more enjoyable. They are farmers who grow the wheat that goes into the bread, or, raise the pigs that are made into the ham. They are the millers that grind the wheat, the bakers that bake the bread. Each step in the manufacturing process concentrates and purifies the ectoplasmic energy and makes it more digestible.

4. Do you mean there are actually people in The Spirit Realm that raise pigs for slaughter?

A. Oh, no. Spirits cannot feed on other Spirits. The pigs aren't real. They are merely concentrations of ectoplasmic units. They merely take on a form which the producer recognizes. If a Soul was to try to absorb younger Souls it would absorb Their primitiveness and after a time degrade, return back to the primitive state, itself.

5. How do Spirits travel?

A. Spirits travel by projecting themselves mentally from one place to another. They think where They want to be, who They want to see, open a passageway to that place, and person, and, travel through it. To do this each time you want to go somewhere however, is very time consuming and tiring, so most Spirits use prearranged travel conduits that exist throughout The Spirit Realm to get where They want to go. Spirits especially good at traveling keep these conduits open and transport travelers.

6. What do these conduits look like?

A. It depends on the era in which you live. They can be trolley cars, railroad trains, subways, every matter of transportation that exists on Earth; everything except individual transport vehicles. All transportation

in the Spirit Realm is mass transport.

7. How fast does this transport work?

A. It is virtually instantaneous, though you perceive yourself taking each step of a journey, it happens very quickly, and you get where you want to go VERY rapidly.

8. Is there night and day in the Spirit Realm?

A. Yes and, no. This is hard to put into words that the living can understand. The good part of The Spirit World where the honorable and the just live is always light, always beautiful. The place where those who did evil dwell is always dark, dank and miserable. The Darkness surrounds The Light and those who sorrow in their misery must always know that The Light is there, but they cannot enter into it.

9. Do Spirits sleep?

A. No. They are active all the time. Though they do need to rest from time to time- younger ones sometimes six to eight hours a day, older ones only a couple of hours a day.

10. How do Spirits get the news of what is going on?

A. This depends greatly on what era you choose to live in. All the vehicles for distributing information in the material realm have their counterparts in The Spiritual Realm...newspapers, magazines, radio, television. What you avail yourself of depends on which era you choose to live in.

11. Are you saying our radio and television signals are received in The Spirit Realm?

A. Not directly. They have to be transferred. A specially trained person listens to or watches the television or radio and transmits what they hear and see to The Spirit Realm, a specially trained Spirit there translates them into the frequencies that are used in the Spirit Realm, and puts them into the system for dispersal. Then, when the subscriber wants them, they turn them on and listen or watch at their leisure. This way Spirits keep up with what is going on in Their former communities. When Spirits have so much more free time, entertainment is far more important in The Spirit Realm. The resting times are often spent in theaters enjoying live performances, and, movies.

12. I have read in one of your articles that the great comedy team of Abbott & Costello were still making movies in The Spirit Realm. Is this common? Do all actors and actresses continue their careers in The Spirit Realm?

A. It is not unusual, especially for Those who really enjoyed entertaining others. But many actors and actresses find they have far more important talents and go on to do other things, but still, once and a while, do a bit part in a movie. The renowned actor Humphrey Bogart spends most of his time in The Spirit Realm teaching young Souls, but he thoroughly enjoys taking a break once and a while, to be in a movie, and the public always enjoys it. This is merely one example, but it gives you the idea.

13. You mentioned something before that caught my attention. What are focal points?

A. Focal points are where the ectoplasmic energy flows into The Spirit World from the material world. They are places of serene tranquility, and peace. All the great religious shrines in The Spirit Realm are built around focal points; also, this is where all the hospitals are built, where those Souls that survive The Darkness are rehabilitated.

14. There are hospitals in The Spirit Realm?

A. Of course! The Blessed Ones would never let an injured Soul wander around and hurt Itself. They are watched over and lovingly cared for until They can again function for Themselves, even if it takes thousands of years! No Soul, no matter how severe Its crimes, is ever abandoned. If it survives The Eternal Night It is rehabilitated.

15. I have a rather embarrassing question that I do not know quite how t

o express. Do Spirits secrete waste?

A. No. Spirits only absorb what They need. All bi-products are recycled internally. Nothing is expelled. Ectoplasmic energy does not exist in the same state as material matter. Therefore unusuable bi-products are not produced.

16. Are there sporting events in The Spirit Realm like football, like that? Do the great baseball players still play?

A. Unfortunately, no. Spirits are too evenly matched. Sporting competitions would be dull and boring. There can be no competition. The great players get together very often and give exhibitions, but there are no real competitions. Favorite teams in the material world, however, are still followed, and their recorded games watched. But Spirits do not have the fanaticism for sports that those in the material world exhibit. They are far too busy doing more important things.

17. Is there any crime in The Spirit World?

A. None, whatsoever. Those who committed crimes in the material world have learned the price for doing evil, and have no desire to continue in those pursuits. Everyone's property and person is perfectly safe in The Spirit World.

18. Here is another question I am embarrassed to ask. Do Those in The Spirit Realm still have intimate relations?

A. Yes. Intimate relations are still quite enjoyable, and necessary for the male and the female to balance each other's vibrations. Of course it is only the two Souls that join together. But all the remembered physical

sensations are enjoyed.

19. Are there animals in The Spirit World?

A. Yes! Their companionship is quite enjoyable. Often people take in former pets looking for companionship 'til they reincarnate again. Others enjoy frolicking with beasts in the fields who seem to enjoy it just as much as the people do.

20. Just where is The Spirit World located?

A. The Spirit World exists within the atmosphere of The Material World on another frequency or, vibration. It is all around us, but only specially trained people can perceive it.

21. How can individuals such as Nazi 1 and other persons who were extremely evil exist in The Spirit Realm with the good?

A. How do they exist in the material world with the good? When a person realizes their errors and goes to work to undo the evil they have done, they are welcomed, more or less, by Those in The Spirit Realm. I would not say that Nazi 1 runs around Israel very often, but when he offers his help to those in need it is just as welcome as from anyone else.

22. Can people lie in The Spirit Realm?

A. Yes. But everyone talking to them would immediately know they're lying, and eventually get the truth out of them. People very quickly learn this and stop making any attempts to deceive. As long as someone keeps what they're doing a secret, they can sometimes get away with things, but not usually for very long.

23. How do people in The Spirit Realm communicate?

A. Again it depends on the era in which you choose to live. Every type of communication is available in The Spirit Realm. But it is all very rapid. Say, someone living in 15th century England wanted to communicate with someone in 20th century Chicago. They would write a note, put it in an envelope, and give it to a messenger. Within moments that envelope would appear in the vicinity of the individual the message was meant for. That individual could pick up his telephone, tell the operator the message he wanted sent back, and within moments it would arrive back at his friend's residence. I know it all sounds kind of silly, Spirits can communicate directly, but it uses a lot of energy. These systems are a little slower, but cause no strain.

24. This is an interesting answer but it's not quite what I meant. Do Spirits actually speak to each other? How do They communicate?

A. Each Spirit speaks in Their own language, but the person hearing perceives Their thoughts and translates those thoughts into Their own language. Communication is on a much higher level than it is in the material realm. Emotions can also be felt, so communication is much more intimate than it is among the living.

25. Are the more advanced Spirits separated from the lesser advanced Spirits? I have heard talk of something called "planes" or "levels" that a person must travel through. Do these really exist?

A. No. Everyone exists in The Spirit World on the same level. As we mentioned before, some areas exist on different harmonic levels, but a weaker Spirit can avail Themselves of a transportation system and go anywhere. This idea of planes, or, levels, was made up by people who did not believe in reincarnation, to explain why some of their friends kept disappearing. Not accepting reincarnation, They came up with the idea that They had gone on to a higher level of existence, that They had not yet obtained, which is purely foolish!

26. What do people do for work in The Spirit Realm?

A. The main occupation in The Spirit Realm is guiding the living, trying to keep people on the right track, and, to prevent mankind from exterminating themselves. This is a major undertaking that consumes a great deal of time and energy. Some individuals need only one Spirit Worker. Others need two or three. So there is plenty to do.

27. Are you speaking of Guardian Angels?

A. This is a common name for them, yes.

28. Can the stars be seen from The Spirit Realm?

A. No. Once someone travels beyond Earth's biosphere within The Spirit Realm there is only darkness. If a Soul got lost out there, it could go on forever without finding another biosphere. There are no reference points, nothing to guide one from one place to another.

29. Then why is it some people have reported going to other worlds from our Spirit World?

A. Now we are getting into one of the strangest phenomenas that exists in The Spirit Realm. It is generally referred to as The Fictitious Universe. There is a part of The Spirit World that has been created by every story that has ever been told on Earth...anything that has ever been written about and read over and over again, builds up an image in this fictitious universe, even the characters in stories. Oftentimes untrained psychics wander into this fictitious universe, go to worlds in it that they think are real, and come back and tell others that They have gone to the planet Mars or, to the moons of Jupiter when actually They have only visited something that was written in a story, and has no reality, whatever.

30. You mean I could go into this fictitious universe and converse with Captain Kirk?

A. No. The characters in the fictitious universe can only play out the roles that were written for them. They can't interact with real Souls. This is how to tell if you have accidentaly wandered into the fictitious universe.

But still some people visiting these Places mistake them for reality.

31. What if somebody writes a book about a real person? Does a duplicate of them appear in the fictitious universe?

A. No. The energy goes to the real person, and is often very beneficial to Them, if it is positive energy. Negative thoughts are another matter altogether.

32. What if someone writes fiction about a real person?

A. No difference. If people know this person actually existed, the energy will still go to Them.

33. What if a person has suffered The Second Death and someone writes about them? What happens then?

A. Then a character WOULD appear in a fictitious universe as the energy would have no place to go.

34. What if a person written about reincarnates?

A. No difference. The energy would still go to them. Just have to bounce around a bit.

35. You have not mentioned Heaven. You just keep saying The Spirit World. Is Heaven in The Spirit World?

A. All the Heavens of every religion are in The Spirit World, all the Paradises have been created by The Beloved for Their Children. The only Hell is The Darkness around The Spirit World where those who have done evil suffer the pain and anguish that they have caused others.

36. I always thought there was just one Heaven and one Hell. Now you are telling me there are actually many?

A. Yes. The good have many places to choose from. When I am in The Spirit World I visit in The Kingdom Of God quite often. I have also been in the Muslem's Paradise, to Asgard and Olympus, to the land of the Osirans, and I am welcome wherever I go. It is a foolish idea of the living that the good in one place exclude the good from another. It simply is not so! Just because we do not worship the same does not mean that we are not welcome. If only it was the same in the material world!

37. You say your people are from a different world. Do they look different in The Spirit Realm?

A. Very much so! The Havens are leathery-winged Beings covered with plush fur except around their hands and their face. The Hashons are lizard-like creatures. The Peepians resemble Humans except they only have four fingers and one eye. But they travel among Humans as easily as different hued Humans travel across the Earth. In The Spirit Realm you know when people are good and what they look like doesn't matter. All that matters is that They serve The Light and are working for the good of all.

38. Do the places where these aliens live look different?

A. No. The worlds They came from were so much like Earth that the few plants and animals stored in Their racial memory are so similar to Earth varieties that only a real expert would notice the differences.

39. Do any newly arrived aliens live in The Spirit Realm?

A. No. They visit once and a while, but are not permitted to stay. We've got enough problems as it is!

40. If The Spirit World is so great, why do Spirits leave it?

A. Complicated question! Most importantly Spirits grow very slowly in The Spirit Realm. For one year of the energy you would absorb in a lifetime among the living you would have to spend a thousand years in The Spirit Realm. For Spirits to advance They must take on flesh. It is the fastest way to feed their Soul and make it grow. And the challenges of life also seem to stimulate a Soul's growth, and quicken Its maturity. That is why Souls reincarnate. Because that is the best way to grow.

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