FROM; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE, VOL. 13 NO. 6, Copyright By: Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved.


Our Christian friends constantly ask us if the teachings of personal responsibility nullify salvation. And we answer "By all means, no!"
What Christians call salvation is belief in the teachings of Jesus Of Nazareth is an expression that they accept these teachings and make them the principles of their life, that they accept the guidance of those Spirits (The Holy Ghost) that The Nazarene has put in charge of His believers, to guide them in the Path Of Truth. When one accepts The Nazarene's teachings they come in harmony with Natural Law. They realize they have made errors; what they call sins, and that they must stop making these errors, and do all in their power to undo the ones they have already made...NOT from fear of punishment for making those errors, but for the love of Him that has led them out of The Darkness into The Light.
They do good for the joy of doing good, not for any reward, they do what is right because it is what is right to do. The Children Of The Lord have never had any problems with true believers in the teachings of The Nazarene. They have always been their partners in the battle against The Darkness treasured and respected allies. No, personal responsibility does NOT negate salvation, it only makes it greater, more wonderful, for it saves many souls from Eternal Death.
But woe to the hypocrite! Woe to the false believer, those who say they accept the teachings of The Nazarene but use those teachings to do evil and to encourage their brothers & sisters to do evil. It would be far better for these if they had never been born. For they do not have the protection of The Nazarene. They have not truly accepted His Love, and entered into His family. They are destroying themselves and others, leading them to Eternal Death. For these their Loved Ones will sorrow. For they will be lost forever.
You cannot claim the protection of a Lord Of Light and not follow His teachings. If you do, you have nothing but your own guilt, which will eventually destroy you. Be warned! There is a passage in The Bible that says "It would be better for these to tie a millstone around their neck and to cast themselves into the sea, rather than harm the children of God." No truer words were ever laid down, no more profound warning ever given
Do not listen to those that say "Jesus says it's all right to hate those that do not believe, to destroy them and to take what is theirs because they are unholy and unjust. Jesus demands that we destroy them!" Any that say anything like this are not of The Light, are not of The Truth. They are creatures of The Darkness, and if you follow after them you will follow them into The Darkness, into Eternal Death. For no Lord Of Light would ever command His people to do such things, only creatures of Darkness teach hate. Beware of them! Beware of them!

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