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This interview is with the former leader of the Nazi Party of Germany who ruled Germany during the period of history known as The Second World War. His Spirit will speak through Speaker Gerald A. Polley and the interviewer is Speaker Linda J. Polley. Because of our religious Teaching we can't mention him by name, so therefore, all questions will be directed to him as "Nazi 1". This interview is done at his request, only, on the principle of mercy. A special exception has been made to allow him to put his name at the end of this article.
1. Nazi 1, can you give us a brief outline of your feelings during your reign in Germany?
A. This is very hard to put into words. I felt myself the ultimate man, and the party the ultimate goal. All else was to be eliminated. The race was the supreme importance. Such would be the glory of Germany. A nation of Supermen, the best in all fields.
2. Can you give us your description of your death and what happened to you afterwards?
A. I think the circumstances of my death are quite well known. I chose to take my own life, rather than be captured, thinking this to be the best way. As to explain what happened to me after the moment of death, it is hard to find words in any language to express the wave of horror and pain that came over me. By this I do not speak of the actual pain of my death, but a pain that is beyond the reckoning of any living being.
I felt myself being propelled somewhere, and for some time I could not tell where I was. How long this lasted, I don't know, but after some time I became aware that I was in a place of utter darkness and filled with a fear and loathing like nothing I had ever known. Slowly I became aware of a light in the distance, and I desired to go towards it. At first I didn't know how, but I found as I concentrated on it, it grew nearer, and as it grew larger, I recognized it as the world. But it was somehow different. But when I reached this distance something else began to happen.
One after another people began to appear before me. At first I didn't realize who they were, but later it came to me that they were people that had suffered because of the things that I had done. There were Jews, Germans, Englishmen, Russians, and people from everywhere my armies had gone. When each came before me, I became instantly aware of all that had been done to them. I was filled with their pain and fear, and felt their hatred. Each one spoke but one word to me, and vanished. That word was "Why?"
I tried to go on, but the closer I approached the Light, the faster the people appeared, as if they were awaiting me, and I feared I would be engulfed and destroyed by them. So I fled into the Darkness from which I came.
After a long time, I don't know how long, I again summoned enough courage to overcome the fear within me, and again approached the Light, only to be driven back in the same manner, again. After some time I tried a third time to go towards the Light, but this time I didn't go so far so the people didn't come at me so rapidly, or leave so suddenly, and I tried to answer their question. I used all the excuses I had developed in my lifetime, but none seemed to avail, and for the third time I was forced to retreat. I fled again into the Darkness, and began to go over my life. I judged everything I did by the standards I had lived by and found in myself no error. And again I went toward the Light determined to answer these people, but this time as I went forth, I called out the names of some of those who had been with me in my lifetime, hoping they would come to my aid. But none answered. As soon as the world again appeared before my eyes, the people returned, and I began to rant and rave about the glory I had intended and how right I had been. This time, I would not retreat, and how long this went on, I do not know. But after a long time a child appeared before me; a little girl, a Jew. I saw her as she had died. I felt her sorrow, her anger, but unlike the others she didn't leave. She stayed and watched me, and she began to change. her withered little body filled out, and she became as pretty as she had been before we had taken her away.
How long she stood there while the others still came, I don't know, but after a while I felt her feelings toward me change. No longer were they hate and loathing, but there was pity and compassion. And she came to me and barely touched my hand. Her words cut me like a knife.
"I'm sorry," she said, "I forgive you. You didn't know what you were doing."
I froze, my eyes upon her. My whole being shattered.
I could face hate. I could face anger, but pity, truth and innocence I had no weapon against. I fell to my knees and said what I had known in my heart was true for some time.
"God forgive me!" I cried. "I had no reason, I had no right to do these things!"
And I cried. Not in the way you cry, but the crying of the Soul in sorrow and grief. It was some time before I realized the people were no longer questioning me, merely standing about, watching me. And a man appeared. he wore a doctor's white coat. He held out his hand to me and said, "Come, we can help you now."
They took me to a place they called a hospital and taught me of the place where I was. I learned there, that my agony, as they called it, had lasted for 22 years,, and, 5 days.
After my time of teaching I was taken before a place of Judgment and asked what it is I would like to do, and I told them that I wished to work to make amends for that that I had done. And they said that this was good. That there was all ready a society at work in this cause and they would be glad to welcome me. So, I sought it out and joined it. I found some there that I had known in my lifetime, but several of my old associates were not around. I asked of them and was told that a few were still in the Darkness but that the others had ceased to exist. That when the burden of what they'd done finally rested upon them, it had been too much for their Souls and they had disintegrated into a million unintelligible fragments. In ways I wish this had been my fate also, for I still bear the great burden of my sorrows but at least now I can struggle to get things right.
3. Can you give us your present opinion of the ideals you taught in your lifetime?
A. The ideals I taught in my lifetime were complete and total insanity, the ravings of a madman, a man obsessed with hate and greed, so that all reason and compassion left him, a man who took abilities that could have created a world of beauty and turned it into a place of a nightmare.
4. What is your opinion of the people that practically worship you today as a god?
A. They are as insane as I was at the time of my lifetime. And they are also my enemies. I seek only their destruction that the insanity I created comes to an end. This is one of my purposes in writing this article. If it reaches but one of them, and turns him or her away from hatred and insanity, then it is worth the price we paid for it. Foolish children, don't listen to my old ravings. Don't bring upon your Souls the burden I must now bear for eternity. Don't have the burden of six million Souls on your conscience, for you can never be free of the agony of it. Don't feel that I ask you to let others abuse you, for I don't. I simply say, judge the actions of each individual person in what they do for or against you. Blame them, and them alone, and not their race or creed. Don't deliver yourselves into an agony that may oppress you for decades on end. And remember this warning...those who now preach my doctrine are my enemies and I will destroy them in any way I can before they bring more sorrow on my Soul by committing more atrocities in my name.
5. What is your opinion of the Jewish people now, and what do you feel about your abuse of them in your lifetime?
A. I think I've already answered the second part of your question many times. The Jewish people, as any people, have a right to existence and happiness as long as they don't abuse the rights of others. I speak to the people of the Arab world. I beg of you--I plead with you for mercy, leave Israel be. You've made war on her children. Surrender your pride and give them that they have taken in their own defense and extend your hand in friendship, and you'll find a brother, a friend willing to share with you, and together you can turn your part of the world into a paradise. But there are those who wish to use your prejudices and hatreds for their own gain, and when they're done with you, you'll find yourselves their puppets and pawns. Be your own men. Be just and fair and you'll find greater rewards than you have ever dreamed.
6. Nazi 1, what do you now do in The Spirit World?
A. I believe I've answerd this question, but I'll state straightforwardly. My entire existence is The Society For The Eradication Of Nazism. It is my total being. Nothing else occupies one fragment of my thought. I'll have no peace or no hope for peace until the Nazi ideal I created is only words in the pages of history. Only then shall I be free of this agony that is a greater bond than any chains. Mankind hear me! There is no Hell, but that of your own making. No torment but the agony of your own Soul crying "Why did I do these things?"

Adolph Hitler, Fuhrer Of Germany

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