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August 21, 1998 - September 16, 1998

Former American Presidents In The Spirit Realm Agree Clinton Should Be Impeached Or Resign

Eisenhower Follow Up

Princess Di To Be Crowned Queen In The Spirit Realm

Babe Ruth Congratulates Mark McGwire On His 62nd Home Run

The End Is NOT Coming!

Prayer Breakfast

Former American Presidents & Black Leaders Resign Their Posts In The Spirit Rrealm Until Clinton Is Out Of Office

American Feminist Leaders In The Spirit Realm Resign Their Posts Until Clinton Is Out Of Office

Page Two

September 28, 1998 - October 11, 1998

Our Favorite Rock Group In The Spirit Realm's Latest Song Satirizing The Clinton Scandal

Jesus Condemns Netanyahu

Gene Autry & George Wallace

Gay Bashing

Page Three

October 12, 1998 - October 14, 1998

Jesus Banishes Americans From Heaven

Riot In Heaven!

Page Four

October 16, 1998 - October 25, 1998

The Angelic Guard

Jesus, Abraham & Moses Abandon Israel

Land For Peace

Spirit World Collapsing

Page Five

October 27, 1998 - November 1, 1998

Our Most Sacred Day

Jesus Wants A Miracle!

Page Six

November 4, 1998 - November 10, 1998

Jesus Declares Clinton A Demon

Mary's Plea

Lost Crowns

Mary's Note

Jesus Resigns

Page Seven

November 11, 1998 - November 20, 1998

Where Is Jesus?

Who Do We Pray To?

Peter Sends Help


Thanksgiving Canceled

Page Eight

November 23, 1998 - November 30, 1998

Facing The Inevitable

Mary Is Leaving

More Trouble In The Kingdom Of God

Paul Resigns

Eight More Souls

The Plot

Pray That Mary Stays

Page Nine

December 1, 1998 - December 4, 1998

Mary's Conditions

Don't Blame Us!

We're Not Nonsense!

John Lennon's Song For Mary

Page Ten

December 5, 1998 - December 13, 1998

Peter Takes Charge

The Attack Begins

Mary's Itinerary

"They are not of God!"

John Lennon Ends His Solitude

A Prayer From Heaven

Spirit World Delcares War On U.S.

Protestants And Catholics Clash

Page Eleven

December 16, 1998 - December 21, 1998

Mary Todd Lincoln's Curse

No Angelic Protection

Catholics Attacked Again

Islamic Troubles

Sentenced To Eternal Death

Clinton Dooms The World

Page Twelve

December 23, 1998 - December 28, 1998

The Christmas Eve From Hell

How Do I Save William Cohen?

They're Destroying Their Own

A Tragic Mystery

Help Our Loved Ones (A Letter To The Governors)

Demon Swarms Break Up

Page Thirteen

December 30, 1998 - January 11, 1999

Hope For Israel

Mystery Of The Dark One's Power Solved

They've Created Their Own Private Hell!

Clinton Musn't Be Assassinated

Prove It!

It Has Begun


Page Fourteen

January 14, 1999 - January 25, 1999

A New Gatekeeper!

Reaching For Twenty-Five


Peter Declares Senator Byrd A Demon

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