From; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE Vol. 5 No. 5 Copyright February, 1992, By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved.

By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

In The Teachings Of Spiritism there are some Truths that are very unpopular because man would much rather believe his own imagination on the subject, rather than the Truth. Perhaps the greatest of these is The Second Death.
Many individuals want to believe that no matter how badly they live their lives, no matter how much they hurt others, there will never come for them a time of Judgment, there will never be a reckoning. They can continue to do their own thing throughout eternity. Unfortunately, for these individuals, their passing from this world brings a sudden meeting with The Truth. They find that every misery they have caused others is imprinted on their Soul, every dark deed is marked in indullable ink "Debt to be paid," that their prayers for forgiveness fell on deaf ears. All the pain, anguish, and sorrow builds up inside them like steam inside a boiler until for some, the pressure is too great, the pain too much to bear, and the very fabric of their Soul shatters. Like an exploding skyrocket on the 4th of July the Soul, for a brief moment, is a sparkling, brilliant light, but that light is soon swallowed up by The Darkness.
Some sparks, the little good left inside the Soul, sometimes on rare occasions, manages to burst through the Veil Of Tears, find a body in the material world, and start evolution's journey all over again. But this is a rare occurence.
In most cases the fate of a lost Soul is eternal nothingness. Any who have seen the agony of a Soul before its final moment can testify to all mankind of the agony it endures, its desperate struggle to continue to be, its knowledge that because of its crimes against its fellow beings, because of its ignorance, it has thrown away its eternity.
It is desperation beyond desperation, pain beyond pain, and they wish to keep all who live from avoiding that terrible moment of loss.
Those who dwell in The Land Of The Beloved have sent many Teachers with the same message; 'Love one another, live rightly. Do not hurt one another, for when you hurt your brother or sister you hurt yourself, and the price is too high to pay, for if too many souls are lost to the Darkness, life itself, may cease to be. For the Spirit and the material world are intertwined, one cannot live without the other. But man, in his ignorance, has preferred to listen to those who teach hate, who bring greed, lust and selfishness, who let them say certain prayers, make them think they are forgiven and go on doing all the hurt and, causing all the misery they like.
But the time is at hand when we must make mankind understand these are false teachings, that if they are to survive as a race, they must mend their ways, or soon, VERY soon, the end may begin to come. All they love may begin to die, and the world once called Earth, will be a wasteland that others who have learned The Truth of existence, may claim from a race that, in their ignorance, chose to die one Soul at a time, in lonely, dark agony that no words in any language can describe. We must never, NEVER let this be. It cannot be!

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