From the moment Spiritist Publications began publishing we have been working with Prophets. The first one we ever got a message from was Mohammed, who gave us a warning for his people, that if they did not stop the evil they were doing he would destroy them from within. Since that first article Mohammed has visited us again several times, finally telling his people that he was withdrawing all protection and guidance from them, and would allow them to destroy themselves. Since that time we had the Iran-Iraq War, The Gulf War, the endless struggle in Afganistan, the Entifada, with its suicide bombers attacking Israel. Yet the people of this great Prophet will not listen. More and more they choose The Darkness rather than The Light, destruction, rather than construction, discourse rather than dialogue. Mohammed wants peace for his people. He wants them to continue to worship in the way he taught. But he does not want them to be the aggressors, the instruments that the Dark Ones use to kill so that they can feed upon the last energies of the dying. Mohammed wants his people to take their place in the community of Earth's peoples. He wants them to become part of The Awakening and journey to the stars with The Children Of The Lords, taking the principle of Islam with them. Perhaps a tiny remnant will do so, IF even a tiny remnant survives. All the horror that has come before will be nothing compared to what is coming if Islam continues on its present course of spreading their way by the force of the gun, by the terror of the bomb. Each act of ignorance makes the power rising against them even greater, sets in motion the circumstances that will bring the final conclusion. Mohammed is deeply respected in the Spirit Realm. His True Teachings are admired. It would be with profound sadness if all were to see his Way pass from the world. But if it does not change, if it does not cast out the Darkness, if it does not return to the Light it WILL pass away. There is no question, no doubt. It is an absolute certainty. It WILL be swallowed up and become a forgotten memory. Though no one wants it to be, it will be.

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