From; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE Vol. 3 No. 4 SPECIAL EDITION, A GUIDE TO THE SPIRITIST FAITH, Copyright October, 1989 By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved.

By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

At the conclusion of The Declaration Of Spiriist Religion we mention the Blessed Ones, Our Divine Ancestors, Those who lived lives of service to Their People. Exactly who are we referring to?
We are referring to the simple farmer, who spent his life tending his farm, growing his crops, raising his family, helping his neighbors when they were in need, feeding the hungry traveller when they passed by, giving of himself quietly and sincerely, writing no great books, fighting no great battles, but quietly and surely shaping the lives around him by his good example and kind works.
We are speaking of the mother that devoted herself to her home, that cared for her husband and children, tending them in their sickness, praising them in their good works, guiding them with her tender love, giving all that was within her to those she loved, and thereby passing her love on to other generations.
We are speaking of the factory worker that toiled long hours to make a home for his wife and children, who taught his children rightly to respect all men and not to persecute his neighbors because their skin was a different color, or they worshipped in a different way, or because their ancestors came from a different place.
We speak of the nurse who never married, but her children were the sick who needed her loving care and gentle counsel.
We speak of the soldier who so loved freedom he gave his life that others might be free.
We speak of the doctor that treated rich or poor the same, and did not worry about payment.
These are but a few examples of The Blessed Ones. the list could go on forever. And The Blessed Ones could be from any faith. Good is good, it does not matter what someone called themselves. It is what they did that mattered, what they accomplished and left behind that is important
It is the duty of each temple to keep a Book Of The Blessed. When a person becomes a member of that congregation their name should be added to that Book, and a brief record of their life noted. It is a rememberance that future generations may have, a record of their Fathers and their Mothers, that future generations may come and look back with pride on those Who Came Before, and remember the quiet miracles they accomplished.
These are called The Books Of The Blessed Ones, and should be a cherished possession of the Temples.

From; VOICES FROM SPIRIT MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITION, A GUIDE TO THE SPIRITIST FAITH Vol. 3 No. 4 Copyright October, 1989 By Spiritist Publications By the Polleys. All rights reserved.

By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

In our Decleration we also mention The Lords Of Light. What are These?
There are times when mankind turns toward The Darkness, when The Light that has been given them begins to fade. And from time to time The Blessed Ones must send a Teacher, a Messenger, a Protector, one to turn them back toward the Paths Of Truth, to lead them away from the Darkness and into The Light.
These Special Messengers are called Lords Of Light, and, The Blessed Ones bestow on Them many Powers, both in the physical and the spiritual form, to combat evil, to restore the good.
It is to The Lords Of Light that Spiritists dedicate Their temples, to the Teachers who often gave their lives in battle with The Darkness, who suffered persecution because they dared to speak The Truth when untruth was popular, who refused to do evil when it was expected, who rose up against tyranny and gave all that They had to give, not seeking honor or worship, but simply because that was what needed to be done. These are The Lords Of Light.
Who are some of The Lords Of Light recognized by Spiritists? Of course our own Teachers, The Old Fox, The Dove, The Hawk, The Voice, The Lord Of Morning, to mention but a few.
Among mankind, Confucius, Buddha, Krishna, The Nazarene, and Mohammed are some.
No person declares themselves a Lord. Only after a person's death can the people put forth a petition asking The Church to declare a person a Lord. Then, The First Speaker of The Church and his Judges shall hear the story of this person's life, and if they feel that truly this was one worthy to be called Lord, then he will declare this person a Lord, and permit that Temples be named in that Person's honor, and that brotherhoods and sisterhoods be allowed to do good works in Their Names. As it has been, so must it be.

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