From; A lecture given by Speaker Gerald A. Polley at the Unitarian-Universalist Church, Ellsworth, ME March 21, 1993.


Instead of God Spiritists believe in Infinite Law. Infinite Law has many expressions, but two of the most important are 'FOR EVERYTHING THERE IS A PRICE,' and, 'FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL REACTION.'
Infinite Law cannot be bribed, it cannot be coerced, nor can secrets be kept from it. If you follow it you will do well. If you do not, then you will pay the price.
The Lords never claim to control anyone's Destiny. They simply teach Their Children what is right and what is wrong, and warn them of the consequences if they choose the Path of Darkness.
They never help Their Children do evil, and sometimes, with breaking hearts They must send one of Their Servants, a Lord Of Light, to put an end to their evil. but they never forsake them. They will try, to the very last, to bring them back to The Light.

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