From; A lecture given by Speaker Gerald A. Polley at the Unitarian-Universalist Church, Ellsworth, ME, March 21, 1993


The foundation of Spiritism is the non-existence of God.
Spiritists do not worship God, they worship Their Divine Loved Ones; all those Souls that have given Themselves to the service of others over the ages, who have reversed the instinct of life and put themselves last, putting the needs of the society, the community, and their family before their own material needs and desires.
Spiritists believe that it is these Blessed Ones who watch over them, who hear their prayers, and send forth Their servants to guide and teach Their Children, to keep them from harming themselves, and, others.
This is what differs Spiritists from other religions that believe in Spirit Communication, as most others still tend to believe in some sort of Eternal Being.
Our word for God, el (EE-la) in the small case means 'Evil, all that is not good, that improper to do.' In the large case, or capital, as you would say, it means 'Dictator, tyrant, king, queen.' Any ruler who has absolute power over their people.

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