Mormon Joy Grows
A Description Of The Festivities Planned
For The Elevation Of Joseph Smith To The Rank Of Apostle

Mormons going full tilt to make Joseph Smith's elevation a grand occasion! This is what they've planned so far...
To begin the festivities Joseph Smith will emerge from Jesus' residence at the far end of The Circle Of The Apostles. He will begin to walk down the walkway in the middle of the park towards The Grand Promade and The Holy Of Holies. As he does so, thousands of Mormons will begin to come into the streets on both sides singing the new song that John Lennon has written especially for the occasion called "On To The Prophet!" They will sing this until Joseph reaches The Grand Promenade where he will be greeted by Lord Peter, who will raise his hands for silence.
Jesus will appear by The Holy Of Holies and Peter will cry out "Lord! Lord! Our numbers are too few to do your Great Work. Paul, our beloved, has sacrificed himself to bring your Glory back to us. And Thomas, our abiding strength, has gone to the stars to fulfill the promise you have made to our new brothers and sisters in the heavens. There are too few of us to carry on Your Great Work. Another must be chosen to replace those who are lost.
This one, oh Lord, Joseph Smith, Prophet of those we call The Mormons, has been chosen to be elevated, to stand with us, and to be one of The Twelve Chosen. Do you, oh Lord, find him acceptable? May he be given The Sacred Knowledge known only to your Apostles, known only to your Chosen Few?"
At this point Jesus will answer, crying, "Yes! This one and his people have proven themselves, have proven their loyalty. Let him be brought forth. Let him come into The Holy Of Holies. Let him become one with me. But before he enters in, is there any words he would like to say? Any message he would give to the people?"
Peter will then turn to Joseph Smith and ask "What words would you say?" and Joseph Smith will answer "I, myself, do not wish to speak, but I call upon him who has, in these dark hours, kept our strength and our Spirit, to express my feelings with his music and his words. I call upon the one who should be standing here beside me to tell all how I feel." He will then point to John Lennon, who will sing the song "We Will Stand Together," at the conclusion of which Jesus will cry out
"You have spoken well. You have spoken well, indeed. Come! Come now into The Holy Of Holies. Be one with me, and, be one with God."
The rest of The Apostles will march up and join Jesus at The Holy Of Holies as Peter and Joseph come down to Its entrance, and together The Twelve will enter into The Holy Of Holies.
There has been one major change in the planned festivities. The Mormon people sent a delegation to Peter asking that the festivities not begin at midnight, Jerusalem time, Christmas Eve, but they begin at Midnight, Salt Lake City time, as Salt Lake City is the throne of The Prophet's power and should be the place where his elevation is first celebrated. Peter thought for barely a moment, then agreed. "What you have said is true!" he answered, "This place IS the seat of his power and his glory. So be it! I am sure The Lord will approve and bless. Let it be so."
Delighted, the delegation returned with the glorious news for Their people.
I'm afraid what exactly will be said in The Holy Of Holies is a secret known only to Jesus and His Apostles. I can put together an approximation from some of our own ceremonies, which would be very similar.
The Twelve would enter into The Holy Of Holies, Jesus taking up a position in its center, the eleven others would surround Him and join hands. Jesus would raise His hands and probably say something like "Our Father who dwells here in Heaven, blessed be Your Name. Your Kingdom won, Your Glory done forever let it be here in Heaven. Oh Blessed Father, our numbers have grown thin. Another must be given the knowledge that was given to us in days of old. I ask You, Oh Blessed Lord, to make this one one with us, and, one with You, that Your Glory may continue, now, and, forever. As I have said, Oh Lord, I pray You, My Father, let it be."
Jesus will lower His hands and then begin to glow with a great radiance until all that anyone outside The Holy Of Holies can perceive is a brilliant radiance. Then each of The Apostles will begin to glow, until They, too, become a shimmering radiance. Then slowly, They will move in to each other, until all that can be seen in The Holy Of Holies is a single, shining radiance. After a few minutes the radiance will seperate again into individuals. The light will slowly subside. The individual Apostles will reappear, and then in a few minutes Jesus will reappear. Jesus will again raise His hands and cry, "Our Father, Our Father! Your Glory is done! He who is worthy has become one with You. Your Servants' numbers are again enough to carry on Your Work, but we are not yet whole, Our Father. Our numbers are not yet enough. Glorify Your Worthy Servant, Oh Lord, that what he has done may be recognized among man, and that we may return to the number that we should be. But in all things, Our Father, in all ways, Your Will, not ours be done."
With this The Apostles will break Their circle, Jesus will emerge from The Holy Of Holies, announcing each of The Apostles as They emerge. Joseph Smith coming out last.
That is probably a pretty good facimilie of what will happen in The Holy Of Holies. I should mention that while this part of the Celebration is taking place, while Jesus and The Apostles are in The Holy Of Holies, The Angelic Choir will be singing The Hallelujah Chorus at Joseph Smith's request.
After They emerge from The Holy Of Holies Jesus will turn to Joseph Smith and say "Apostle, mount your Tower Of Announcements! Speak to all the people. For The Hour is at hand. You are now God's Chosen, more than you were before. Though there is no question that you were His Chosen before. For you spoke His Wisdom before. You suffered for The Truth Of God, and therefore now are glorified by God. Go forth, Apostle Joseph Smith. Go forth and address the people!"
With this Joseph Smith will, for the first time, climb The Tower Of Announcements that was previously used by The Apostle Thomas and deliver his first address as an Apostle. Apostle to be Smith is working on this address and hopes to give it to us in a couple of days, with his desire that it be given to the present leader of The Mormon Church, with his express wishes that it be read at midnight, Christmas Eve, in all Mormon Churches throughout the world. But strangely The Apostle To Be will not let me send it to The Mormon Leader. He says and I quote, "He must come and receive my words, having faith that they are truly given. The Voice Of God cannot go unto him, but he must come unto The Voice Of God. For this is God's wish, and God's command."
At the conclusion of The Apostle's first address to his people, he will ask all present to sing the song "Come And Love The Little Children." Then The Mormons will present a grand review to their Apostle. For over an hour Mormons from throughout history will march before The Apostle as he stands in his Tower Of Announcement and acknowledges Them. Then The Apostle will descend from his Tower, and ten Mormons, five men and five women, speaking alternately will come to the center of The Grand Promenade and speak for about a half an hour, each on what it is like to be a Mormon, and how joyous They are, and how thankful They are for this day, and, this hour. Brigham Young will be the first to speak, but I have no further information on who else will be speaking.
At the end of these speeches Jesus will withdraw to His isolation, having completed His honor of the new Apostle, and Peter will mount his Tower Of Announcements and cry "It is done! A new Apostle sits on Thomas' throne. From this day forth it shall be called Joseph's throne. Let the old monument before The Apostle's home remain, but on the morrow let a new one be placed there, proclaiming the life and the accomplishments of God's new High Servant. Let those who come and admire his home, and ask audience with him know, without question, who dwells therein, and who, therein, serves God! Depart, now! Depart now to your private celebrations. God's Will is done!" And this would end the ceremonies for Joseph Smith's elevation to Apostleship.
There is only one sadness among The Mormons in The Afterlife, that their living brothers and sisters have not responded to our messages. The Prophet is also upset about this, moreso than his followers. "My people understand far more than others," he said, "how God sends forth His Voices and His Angelic Messengers to bear witness to Them. That They reject the news that The Angels bring, deeply saddens me, deeply saddens me, indeed."

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