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V23 N12 The Polleys Announce They're Moving Back To Maine


V23 N11 God In San Francisco Christmas Day!


V23 N10 Important Messages From
Teddy Kennedy, Princess Diana & Michael Jackson


V23 N9 " Viva La Difference!"
A New Song By Michael Jackson In The Afterlife


V23 N8 Praise For Michael Jackson


V23 N7 Michael Jackson's Last Message


V23 N6 A Covenant With Mrs. Schwarzenegger


V23 N5 Kurt Cobain Writes A New Song In The Afterlife
For Maria Shriver


V23 N4 God The Father's Brief On Homosexuality


V23 N3 Caylee Is Gone
& John's Decree


*V23 N2B "The Bridge Keepers"
A Story By The Spirit Of Caylee Anthony
Channeled Through & With Dialogue By; Gerald A. Polley.

V23 N2 Caylee Anthony Gets John Lennon's Help


V23 N1 John Lennon's Decree

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