First of all talk to your friends and neighbors. Tell them about Speaker Polley's campaign, what he stands for, and what he's trying to do. He needs election committees in every state, and people to speak out and say "This is a legitimate presidential campaign! This man has just as much right to run for The Presidency as anyone else!"

Then call your local radio talk shows. Tell them about Speaker Polley's campaign and ask them to have him on. The more interviews the more the word spreads that there is an alternative candidate.

God believes that one of the best ways for a person to become known to the public is to do good deeds. His Son Jesus did this by healing the sick and helping the poor. Speaker Polley has many projects that he would like to do. Here are two of his favorites.

He has been trying to get his friends in Los Angeles to produce a CD and sell it on their radio station's web site to raise the funds to provide service people who have gone overseas with no interest loans to pay off their mortgages so they won't lose their homes. Then the service people can pay back into the fund each month whatever they can until the loan is paid, and then those funds can be used to help others. Gerald would like to set up a foundation to do this work. God has suggested that former First Lady Barbara Bush be its first chair person. Gerald doubts if this would be possible, but he would really enjoy it if she would be, and provide him with checks as he campaigns around the country to pay off the military families' mortages. If you know of anyone who would fund such a venture, help produce the CDs, Gerald would be eternally grateful.

Another project that Gerald is interested in is having another group of his friends produce a DVD of his videos, sell it on their web site, and have the funds go to The Marines' Toys For Tots campaign. This is another project that Speaker Polley would be looking for a sponsor to help with.

Most importantly Speaker Polley is very proud. As much as possible he would like to fund his efforts himself. He has many books on his web site that God would like to have put in printed form and made available to the public, so the public would be aware of what this man running for President stands for, and the sales of these books would bring in the funds so he would not have to work a material job and campaign. So if you know a publisher contact them, suggest they check out The Polleys' web site. The Polleys also have many manuscripts that are not on their web site, including a book that Linda wrote about her adventures with John Lennon, and a book that George Harrison channeled from The Afterlife telling about what he found after his death. A publisher for these works and many non fiction works is also being sought. There should be a great deal of profit there for them, and they would be helping in a great cause.

These are just a few ideas of how people can help. But most of all reach out to others, tell them what is going on. Tell them that God has personally chosen a candidate for The Presidency and wants the people to support that candidate, to prove to the world that someone that truly believes can be elected President Of The United States and can serve all the people while standing for what is just and right. God wants to win this battle. God wants to prove His might. Will The American People fail Him?

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