December 3, 2,008

An Open Letter From Ali ibn Abi Talib, The Steward Of The Kingdom Of Ishmael
To The Islamic Nations Through Their Embassies In The United States

Below is a letter that has been sent to the newspapers in India and Pakistan. It is believed that the people of India are becoming aware that there is a Goddess among them, that can protect them from the wrath of God and give them power over their enemies. If this protector should reach God's servant first and be empowered before an Islamic protector was sent, it would be a disgrace to The Islamic People, because The Hindu People and The Christians only have one good servant who could serve God's Angel Of Destruction and keep His wrath from them. But The Islamic People have four possibilities that could serve. You have been advised of this in an earlier email. If The Hindus come first, and then The Christians, The Islamic People would be in a very bad position power wise. The others would be before them, and therefore the greatest power would be theirs. This should not be. The Islamic People should lead the way. The Children Of Allah should be the most powerful. Even if another would have overall leadership, those who come first, who recognize God's servants first, would be the ones most honored. We have so much to give, that if we do not give it could mean the end of all that we love. I ask you to email Speaker Gerald Polley by hitting reply on this email and ask him again to send the information on the location of the four candidates for The Muslim Goddess, the one who will rule over their new world in the stars if she helps save Allah's children here on Earth. She should already be in the sky. She should already be on the way to her father with all the support that she would need to stay. The honor of Islam, The Glory Of Islam depends on this. I would propose that if all four could be found they could be sent, though The Speaker might object to this. But as far as we are concerned, the more the better! But these three are a foundation, the hope of the world, a Christian, a Muslim and a Hindu to bring the power so that God may manifest Himself. There should be others. There should also be a daughter of Israel and a daughter of Buddha. Without question they should be protecting their people. But unfortunately Speaker Polley has nothing to offer the people of Israel, or those who follow Buddha because they have stated that they do not wish separate worlds. They wish to share the worlds that The Children will occupy having a tenth among them but with that tenth scattered throughout their world, not just in one place. They do not want to be separate. They believe they and The Children are truly one. So they wish to have their synagogues and temples among The Children, beside their own temples. So The Children do not know what they could offer them in exchange for their services, other than their protection. The Islamic People are being offered far more than others are even asking for and the generosity of that offer should be recognized. Read what is being offered below. Why forsake such a future for those who, in thier ignorance think they must kill all who are different? Why throw away your destiny?

The Servant Of Him That Dwells In The Holiest Of All
Who Is Called By The People Of Islam Allah
Now, And, Forever

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Debunking Joshua

Sometimes you really get a little bit frustrated with the anti Bible people! We were watching this video on Nova where some archeologists were saying they had found evidence of the cities in The Bible and others were saying they'd found cities but they didn't match the Biblical record, that apparently other people dwelled in the coastal regions after Joshua's military campaign. Well, of course other people dwelled in the coastal regions! It's recorded in The Bible. King Saul fought them, King David fought them. They were sea marauders who invaded the coastal areas and seized the cities. They were commonly called The Caanonites and were The Israeli's bitterest enemies, but not their only ones. They were under pressure from the north and, the south. Everybody wanted this strategic little piece of land. The Israelis were finally destroyed by the people that came to be known as The Persians. Of course there were other peoples in the area after Joshua's campaign! The Bible records this. And cities were destroyed and rebuilt time and time again. Sometimes the material to build a new city was taken from an old one right down to bedrock! They scraped up the dust to fill in between the walls! It's a miracle that archeological evidence of everything remains in the area. Usually only when a portion of a city was buried in some catastrophe, a landslide or a volcanic eruption, did it remain undisturbed. Those who wish to debunk Scripture are fighting a losing battle, because sooner or later The Bible will be proven out. It always happens! We can imagine thousands of years in the future somebody coming to where New York is now and saying "There's no historical evidence, whatsoever, that there was at one time huge buildings here of a hundred and fifty stories or more. Those are just fables! Nobody would build buildings that high!" Then somebody might find a book with photographs of present day New York and people would go "Oh, that's just computer graphics! That couldn't be true!" Things change! Cities move! Rivers dry up! Mountains fall down! Buildings crumble! Who's to say what the world will look like 2,000 years from now? That's not to say what's now here wasn't here.

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