15-02-00 AJ

Below is a letter that has been sent to the media of Japan yesterday. Everyone in The Afterlife is trying to claim a portion of the reward that is being offered for assistance in the current crisis. And there is still the matter of Caylee Anthony's last wish, that we somehow produce a flesh and blood daughter and have it be her friend that took care of her so lovingly. All of this costs money and we have none. But God still wishes that we could raise the people of the world and begin a true effort to win back mankind. Spiritually our power is growing daily. The problem is that people are not responding materially. All who God has sent into the world are confused by the false signals that they are receiving and refuse to take the places that God asks them to take. This is giving an opportunity for young souls that will obey God to replace them. It is too bad that we cannot reach them and have them ascend to the glory that is theirs

The Polleys

14-02-00 AJ
An Open Letter From The Emperor Hirohito, The Leader Of Shinto In The Afterlife
To Yoko Ono, The Wife Of The Apostle John Lennon, Servant Of Jesus Christ

Now Living In The United States Of America

Most Profound And Glorious Greetings To One Of Japan's Most Glorious Daughters!
Be assured all who have come before you praise you for the honor that is offered you. The Great God Of Creatioin would make your husband the Leader of one of His greatest Kingdoms, and your husband would not do so unless you agree to stand beside him in this great endeavor and become The Queen of one of God's Kingdoms. The people of Japan praise and honor you, that you have risen to such a high position, and they are in hopes that you can reach your people and assist all the gods and goddesses of your mother nation in achieving a goal that they desire.
Because of the tragedy of Lord Jesus abandoning mankind God's most gracious servant and my dear friend Demetrius, who is called on Earth Speaker Gerald Polley, cannot use his powers without harming those that could be saved from immortal destruction. In order to restore his powers God is trying to rally young women from all over the world representing each of the major religions to serve as his conscience, to be courier/protectors, to live with him as his daughters, and travel with him as he is among their people, and keep them from harm. A great reward is offered to those that will provide such daughters and fund their work. In 100 years The Speaker's people intend to return to the stars, build space ships, and go to other worlds. No one will come and take them to the stars, they will go, themselves. The first world they find that is inhabitable will be theirs. For the help that they have given them the next inhabitable world will go to The Christians, and the one after that to The Muslims, if they provide courier/protectors and make The Speaker's Work possible.
The gods and goddesses of Japan, in the name of Shinto, wish to claim such a world themselves, by providing a young woman that will become the goddess that will rule that world as the Christian and the Muslim young women will become the goddesses of the world that their people will possess. Oh, there is also a Hindu that is being sought. They too will have a world. We are seeking a goddess in Japan, one to protect The Japanese People and take them to the stars. I ask you to speak to The Japanese People and help them find her. Many of these girls have much in common. The one being sought in Japan is very similar to the one who is being sought in India. She is very attractive, very intelligent, and already understands much about spiritual phenomena and extra-terrestrials. She is the daughter of a media executive. Her family is very well to do. She is between 13 and 14 years old, average height for her years. She has a fondness for The Old Ways, and doesn't particularly like modern times. This is a brief description of the one we are looking for.
The duties of courier/protectors are explained in the good Speaker's magazine, but they are quite simple. From time to time the young woman would be required to sleep in the same room with The Speaker and his wife in a separate bed. When they are traveling in Asia, especially Japan, she would be required to do the same wherever they are staying, and to be within twenty feet of The Speaker at all times during the day, attending all meetings and discussions with him, to protect those he is meeting with. There are other requirements such as the Speaker's people do not use fabric softener, women and girls do not wear make up or jewelry.
The Speaker has much to offer The Japanese People. He has many stories that he would like to have published in Japanese, and have made into movies. He would prefer to use this means to raise the money to support a courier/protector for Japan and not require that her family or others fund her. But your ascension gives us an opportunity to claim the reward that others will be getting and we would appreciate your assistance in acquiring this reward for our services. This young woman will be helping to save the entire world, not just Japan. If you could help us make The Japanese People aware of what is being offered to them, Those Who Have Come Before You will be extremely grateful, and those who have come after you will praise your name for ages to come, and the world that shall be theirs shall be named Yoko, in your honor, for you will have made it possible for the children of Japan to have a home in the stars!

He Who Is Called The Divine Sun
And Who Shall Be The Servant Of The People Of Japan For All Time


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