As Gerald was talking with Kevin & Bean on KROQ, Los Angeles, the other day about the possibility of him running for president somebody asked who his cabinet members would be. So we have prepared this page with a list of suggestions that Gerald would like if he was in office.



Department of Agriculture - Now, Gerald doesn't know anybody with much experience in agriculture, so he would have to look around for this position. But he's sure there's some good Republican he could find to fill this spot.



Department of the Interior - Now, Department Of The Interior! This is one of the two positions Gerald is considering offering Arnold Schwarzenegger! We'd have to see which one he'd be interested in.



Department of Commerce - This is another one Gerald will have to check into. Not exactly sure what this department does. Have to learn more about it before considering somebody for the job!



Department of Justice - Again an open position. Got to see who's available.



Department of Defense - This is the second position Gerald was considering our dear California governor for! He has had military experience, and Gerald doesn't think there's very many people that would argue with him!



Department of Labor - Now, here's one that Gerald would definitely like to have someone fill! But the person he's interested in is Rudy Guiliani. He has a great deal of labor experience. But Gerald doesn't know if they would get along. He's heard he's anti abortion and pro gay. So he probably wouldn't be interested in the job.



Department of Education - The problem with this position is there are too many good candidates! A couple of school superintendants around the country who have taken a no nonsense approach to education and state that discipline has to return to the schools. Gerald would appreciate any suggestions to help narrow in on a candidate.



Department of State - This is the position Gerald would like to have George W. Bush fill. He just doesn't want to see all that talent retired!



Department of Energy - Here's another difficult one! Gerald would welcome any suggestions. Not exactly sure what kind of person he wants in this position, definitely someone leaning towards renewable energies, and leaning away from nuclear power! We'll have to see on this one.



Department of Transportation - Boy, another toughie! Going to have to do some research on a lot of these positions! Just don't know exactly what we would be looking for! Probably someone that could really locate the problems with the intrastructure and help Gerald zero in on those problems that really need to be fixed.



Department of Health & Human Services - Another one Gerald really doesn't know who's out there. But he would want someone that would be able to cut back on the buerocracy and concentrate on people to help their need. Too many bookkeepers and not enough doctors!



Department of the Treasury - People will laugh, but this is the position Gerald would like to get Donald Trump into! If there's a man who understands money, it's Donald! And maybe he could get some people into this department that could get a little work done!



Department of Homeland Security - For this position Gerald would be looking for somebody with a lot of police experience. He wouldn't be looking for a politician, but somebody that really knows the problems of dealing with security. There should be somebody good out there! Any volunteers?



Department of Veterans Affairs - Gerald wants a retired general for this position, somebody with lots of military experience that knows what the veterans need and wants to fulfill those needs. He doesn't want a politician.



Department of Housing & Urban Development - If Trump wasn't interested in Treasury this is the second position Gerald would offer him! He thinks he's probably over qualified!


Cabinet Rank Members



The Vice President - People laugh when Gerald says he'd like Laura Bush to be his running mate, but he would love to see her come out fighting for The Kingdom Of God's Causes! And he would want somebody dependable if anything should happen to him and they had to take over. And he thinks Laura would be excellent!



White House Chief of Staff - Gerald wishes that Joshua B. Bolten would stay on in this position. He has heard he's really good, and this is a job you would like to have somebody with experience in to keep you from pulling some major social blunders! But Gerald would probably have to look for someone else.



Office of Management and Budget - Another position that's going to have to be researched. Probably a lot of good people out there, but Gerald just doesn't know the exact kind of person to look for. Probably a major executive that has had experience running a big company, but definitely no one from Enron!



United States Trade Representative - Wonder if Condaleeza Rice would want another job? Naw! After being Secretary Of State she wouldn't want to negotiate trade agreements! Pity! We'll have to look for someone.



Environmental Protection Agency - Now here's an important position that Gerald is going to want somebody very aggressive in. He'll probably be a lot stricter than the last couple of administrations have been.



Office of National Drug Control Policy - Here's a position that's going to need someone with a lot of police experience! If Gerald gets into office, there's going to be a lot more drug enforcement! Applications will be accepted.



Gerald will admit, there's quite a few holes in this list, probably as time goes on, and he gets acquainted with more people he will get suggestions for these positions and by the time the elections come he would have a pretty good idea of who he would want in his cabinet. He's got to learn who's out there! And he's sure as time goes by, people will let him know!, especially, if it looks like he might get the job, which is highly unlikely. But it's fun to play with these things anyway!


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