God wanted immediate action as the idea of Gerald running for president began to take hold in The Afterlife. He wanted no time wasted! So He immediately asked the former Presidents and other notable political leaders to go into each state and organize spiritual committees to try to direct committees in the material world in the effort to win the election, though the odds are heavily against Us. God says We can perform miracles. But there was an immediate argument over which President would go where. So Gerald was asked to settle the arguments, to assign each person to a state, Gerald's first political nightmare! But after several hours of discussion appointments were agreed upon. They are listed below.

9/24/07 God is pulling out all the stops! Music is our most effective weapon. We can often reach people with songs far better than speeches. God has ordered the formation of spiritual choirs in each state, and each state has chosen a fight song. Some of them already had some from previous elections, but those that didn't took songs that have been written over the years. Again, there was some argument so Gerald had to be the mediator and decide who got what. But we have so much good stuff Everybody was well pleased! Under each state's comments there will be a notation that says "Battle Song," then the name of the song then these symbols to tell you what we have available on that song. ( L ) lyrics, ( A ) audio, ( V ) video, The Choirs will start singing at dusk each evening and sing for an hour for now, starting off with their own particular song then singing a couple of others, singing Their song again, and then singing a couple more. As time goes on the duration of the singing will increase. God is taking this thing very seriously! We're using every trick We have!

Alabama - Martin Luthor King Jr. - Civil Rights Leader, Freedom Fighter Mr. King will be assisted in this effort by Jefferson Davis, former President Of The Confederate States Of America. We have been told that Alexander McGillivray has joined those Spirits working for Gerald's election in Alabama! We have no idea who he is, or what he did, but he is welcome!

Battle Song- "Mr. King Is Here!" ( L )

Alaska - John Tyler

Battle Song- "Quiet Heroes" ( L ) ( A )

Arizona - William Henry Harrison

Battle Song- "Girls!"( L )

Arkansas - James Monroe

Battle Song- "Hey, What's Goin' On Around Here?"( L ) ( A )

California - Richard Nixon - Though Mr. Nixon will be in charge of California, Jesus will be taking a major role in the effort in that state, also, especially around Los Angeles and Hollywood.
Boy, we have said in our list of spirits that Nixon will be leading the effort in California. Is he going to have plenty of help! The Mexican labor leader C�sar Estrada Ch�vez has arrived saying that he wants to work on his people to try to get them to support Gerald because he believes he would be their best hope for decency. And The Emperor Hirohito has arrived saying he is going to work to try to reach the large Japanese population in California! And until Jesus is available the 26th, Muhammed will be working with Nixon trying to reach The Islamic People in California! And after that, his grandson will stay there permanently. God is calling His top guns into this battle!

Battle Song- "California's Dreamin'" ( L )

Colorado - Zachary Taylor

Battle Song- "Peace Inside" ( L ) ( V )

Connecticut - John Adams. 9/19/07- We have been informed that the revolutionary war hero Jonathan Trumbull, has joined the effort in Connecticut. His assistance is certainly welcome!

Battle Song- "We're Gonna Get 'Em Again!" ( L )

Delaware - Martin Van Buren

Battle Song- "Somethin' Really Stinks Down There!" ( L )

Florida - Theodore Roosevelt. 9/18/07- We've been told that the great Seminole Chiefs have joined the effort to get Gerald elected in Florida. Gerald asked "Which ones?" and the only reply he was given was "All of them!"

Battle Song- "Where Has Our Sunshine Gone?"
This song was chosen for Florida because Gerald & Linda used to live in Orlando.
( L ) ( A )

Georgia - James Polk

Battle Song- "We Beat The Demons In Iraq!" ( L )

Hawaii - Warren Harding

Battle Song- "Why Don't You Change The World?" ( L ) ( A )

Idaho - Ben Franklin, American Statesman. We ran out of Presidents & Ben was called in to help.

Battle Song- "Damning Words" ( L ) ( A )

Illinois - Ronald Reagan

Battle Song- "Are They Prophets Or Are They Not?" ( L ) ( V)

Indiana - John Quincy Adams

Battle Song- "Yes!" ( L ) ( A )

Iowa - Herbert Hoover

Battle Song- "Oh Children, Come" ( L ) ( V )

Kansas - Benjamin Harrison

Battle Song- "We'll Stand Together!" ( L ) ( A ) ( V )

Kentucky - Abraham Lincoln. 9/20/07 - Martin F. Schmidt, a noted historian, has joined Abraham Lincoln in the effort to reach the people of Kentucky.

Battle Song- "Hey, Mr. Lincoln!" ( L ) ( A )

Louisiana - James Garfield

Battle Song- "Mighty Man" ( L ) ( A )

Maine - Calvin Coolidge. 9/19/07- Civil War General & Governor Joshua Chamberlain joined the effort to reach the people of Maine.

Battle Songs- "Sing For Maine!"
And a second Battle Song Because Gerald & Linda are originally from Maine, - "The Battle Is Raging!"
( L ) ( A ) ( V ) ( L ) ( A ) ( V )

Maryland - Woodrow Wilson

Battle Song- "Where Has Eternity Gone?" ( L ) ( A )

Massachusetts - John Kennedy - John will be assisted by his brother Robert. Their efforts will be centered on stopping their brother Teddy from interfering with The Kingdom Of God's efforts.

Battle Song- "Stand Up!" ( L ) ( V )

Michigan - William Taft

Battle Song- "Remember It!" ( L ) ( A )

Minnesota - Moses - Again no president wanted Minnesota so one of The Leaders Of Heaven had to come forward to take charge.

Battle Song- "It's Heaven That Were Fighting For!" ( L ) ( A )

Mississippi - William McKinley

Battle Song- "There Ain't No Middle Ground!" ( L )

Missouri - Harry Truman

Battle Song- "You Don't Have To Show Me!" ( L )

Montana - George Armstrong Custer, Notable military commander

Battle Song- "Heaven's Heroes" ( L )

Nebraska - Gerald Ford

Battle Song- "We Ain't Lost Yet!" ( L ) ( A )

Nevada - Father Abraham, As No President Wanted Nevada, Father Abraham Came Forward And Said He Would Take It. Thank goodness!

Battle Song- "Nevada's Rockin!" ( L )

New Hampshire - Franklin Pierce

Battle Song- "You Don't Have To Show Me!" ( L )

New Jersey - Grover Cleveland

Battle Song- "Oh, Shining Star!"
Gerald used to live in Bayonne, NJ when he was young.
( L )

New Mexico - Lyndon Johnson

Battle Song- "The Nightingale" ( L ) ( V )

New York - Franklin Roosevelt - President Roosevelt wanted New York, especially, because he wants to go one on one with the creature of Darkness, Hillary Clinton, and attack her power base. From time to time he will be getting help from John Lennon, who will join him in this battle, as New York is the foundation of John's power. 9/20/07- The former mayor of New York, Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, has joined the battle there to get Gerald elected. He just says "He's my kind of guy! I like him!"

Battle Song- "It's Up To You!" ( L ) ( A )

North Carolina - Andrew Johnson

Battle Song- "They Saw The Light!" ( L ) ( A )

North Dakota - Sitting Bull, Souix Chief & Statesman

Battle Song- "Bismarck Is Rising" ( L ) ( A )

Ohio - Ulysses Grant

Battle Song- "Ohio, Ohio!" ( L )

Oklahoma - Dwight Eisenhower

Battle Song- "We've Got The Light!" ( L ) ( A )

Oregon - Millard Fillmore

Battle Song- "The Thunder Is Coming!" ( L ) ( V )

Pennsylvania - James Buchanan

Battle Song- "Come On Pennsylvania!" ( L ) ( A )

Rhode Island - Millard Fillmore

Battle Song- "We Need Our Dear John!" ( L )

South Carolina - Andrew Jackson

South Dakota - Crazy Horse, Souix War Chief & Statesman

Battle Song- "Don't Make Heaven Mad!" ( L ) ( V )

Tennessee - Davy Crockett Former Senator & Freedom Fighter

Battle Song- "David's A Fightin'!" ( L )

Texas - Sam Houston President Of The Republic Of Texas, Governor Of The State Of Texas

Battle Song- "We're Gonna Win In Texas!" ( L )

The District Of Columbia-

Battle Song- "Holy Lords" ( L )

Utah - Brigham Young, Religious Leader & Freedom Fighter

Battle Song- "On To The Prophet!" ( L )

Vermont - Chester Arthur

Battle Song- "The Champion Of God" ( L ) ( A )

Virginia - Thomas Jefferson

Battle Song- "True Dixie" ( L ) ( V )

Washington - George Washington. It has been announced that Noah will be assisting George Washington in Washington State. He says "It feels like the old days, it rains so much there!"

Battle Song- "Fighting For Your Land!" ( L ) ( A )

West Virginia - James Madison

Battle Song- "Laura, Make A Stand!" ( L )

Wisconsin - Rutherford Hayes

Battle Song- "Go, Wisconsin!" ( L ) ( A )

Wyoming - Samuel Adams - Statesman & Freedom Fighter - Again, we ran out of Presidents! So, Good old Uncle Ben called forth Sam and he graciously accepted the appointment. We have so much greatness to draw on!

Of course the men named here will not be alone! Their wives will be with them and they will quickly rally The Spiritual Forces serving God in each state. Let's hope They can rally the living as well!

9/21/07- Those in The Afterlife have informed me that the suffragettes, the womens' rights advocates, have joined our campaign. We're not sure which ones. We were told all of them! They have broken into parties and have joined Those working in each state. They are extremely angry that a medical student, Sophie Courrier, at Harvard, has been denied extra time during her nine hour exam to become a doctor so she can breast feed her baby. The ladies say this shows the uncaring nature of men for womens' problems and they feel with Gerald as president ignorance like this will be fought. Well, it most certainly will!

A picture From Gerald & Linda Polley's animation video "Whacko The Clown."