Those in The Afterlife are beginning to send very important messages to people trying to get them to join in Gerald's presidential campaign. You should read all of these letters! Below is a list of Those who have sent greetings to The American People.

God The Father

Mary Magdalene

Sarah, The Mother Of Israel

Jesus Of Nazareth, Called The Christ

Mary, The Mother Of Jesus

Father Abraham

John Lennon

Joseph Smith

Pope John Paul II

Lord Peter

Former President John F. Kennedy

Hagar, The Mother Of Ishmael

Muhammed, Who Is Called The Prophet

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

* * *

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Jesus & Mary Magdalene on stage with Gerald & Linda Polley during their first appearance on
ABCTV's "Jimmy Kimmel, Live!" in 2,004, giving them spiritual support as they sing "Whacko The Clown."