Music Videos And Audio Featuring Songs For The Troops From The Afterlife
Channeled Through
Internationally Known Psychics Linda & Gerald Polley

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For many years The Kingdom Of God has supported the war in Iraq. Below are the links to songs that The Kingdom Of God has had transmitted through The Polleys praising our troops.

**These videos are in .wmv format best viewed on Windows Media Player.
Click on the song title links below to watch the videos.**

This list will be added to frequently. Do check back often.

Songs ByJohann Sebastian Bach

Here's To The Warriors!

Songs By John Lennon

Here's To The Army!
3.76 MB


A Tribute To The Navy

No Tears On Christmas
A New Christmas song for the troops
by John Lennon, George Harrison, Kurt Cobain, & Johnny Cash!

Songs By Kurt Cobain

They're The Air Force Pride!
A Tribute To The American Armed Forces.
5.45 MB

The Next Song Was Transmitted From
The Children Of Iraq & Afghanistan

To Speaker Gerald Polley By Astral Projection.

Allah Bless Our Heroes!
4.62 MB


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