Gerald's 36th Letter To First Lady Laura Bush

An Open Letter From Speaker Gerald Polley
To First Lady Laura Bush

July 14, 2,008

Greetings To A Fellow Servant Of God!

We are beginning work on The Spiritist Constitution, borrowed The Preamble from The US Constitution. We have already had to make a compromise. In the late ages We began to have the state legislatures elect the national representatives. It worked quite well for Us. But humans didn't like this idea. They wanted these individuals to be directly elected by popular vote. So We have modified that section. Below is the old and the new version. Your opinion would be much valued in this Work. Again this is very confusing and we don't want to mess things up. We wish we had someone who could help Us lay it out properly. We will be putting the rough drafts in our magazine so people will have a record of how it evolved. We still have concerns about continuing the magazine if I should be elected President. Somehow We must find a way of carrying this effort on.

"All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in The Dragon Of The Spiritist Republic, which shall consist of two representatives from each state elected by the chosen representatives of that state as the first order of their business every five years. They may choose to renew the term of the representative they have chosen, or elect new, if the people so direct."

"All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in The Dragon Of The Spiritist Republic. When the time for the national elections is at hand the people shall choose by popular vote, one male and one female from each state to represent them in The National Dragon. These elections shall be held every five years. But no legislator shall serve more than five terms, at which time they should retire and enter into public life."

Our friends are waiting for a reply to the offer they made yesterday. I would suggest a polite agreement to the first part and a kind rejection of the second. The need for you here is too great. As soon as I could get a response that could be sent to them I would appreciate it. We do need their cooperation in other matters.

Was reading about the candidates for The Green Party and wished there was some way that We could make an agreement with them and bring them into Our effort. I am under a lot of pressure to ask you to become an Independent candidate with me. I do not like this idea, I would rather get the cooperation of The Republican Party and run as their candidate. The idea of a seperate effort is not appealing. But a considerable amount of desperation is rising, and the need for you grows daily. Our success in other ways is frustrating Everyone that we cannot make such gains materially. We have made considerable gains restoring energy flows in North and South America, Europe, and, The Middle East. We are still blocked in Asia and much of Africa, though for some reason, conditions are improving in Japan. We want to continue the spread of Our power, and having you with Us will give Us so much more capability. God cannot understand why you will not take what He offers and accept your glorification. He again sends His wishes that you take that place that you promised you would, and lead your children out of eternal night. A new arrival to The Kingdom Of God wishes very much that he could hold your hand and tell you that you should do what is asked of you. And he wishes that he could be there to speak to the press for you, and let them know that you're one wondrous lady! There was something about orchids in your office. But he broke down before he could finish what he was saying and was overcome by all that he has found. but he wishes so much that you would do God's will. If We could only get those in the material world to call you as well!

There was somebody else that sent a message. She put four pennies on the table and said "Remember this game? Remember how many different ways the pennies can be arranged, how many messages can be sent with them? You can get a whole pocket full of pennies now and send a lot more messages." I get a kick out of it when people come with these little messages! It's rather frustrating to me at times, that people we knew in our lifetime hide from us when they go into The Afterlife. I so enjoy it when people try to reach out to those that they have left behind.

It looks like The Kingdom Of God is really going after some of the companies in the homosexual chamber of commerce. Some of them seem to be having a whole mess of problems! Here's the link to the boycott pages that we finally got ready. We would appreciate it very much if you would make some commercials directing people to them, and asking them to take part.

We have to get working. We would like to make the first effort against McDonald's, take away 50% or better of their business across the country until such time as they apologize for the comments they have made against those that oppose homosexuality, leave the homosexual chamber of commerce, and make it their policy that open homosexuality is not acceptable in their operation. As long as the homosexual doesn't tell and doesn't ask they would be welcome as employees. But if they are bothering other employees and customers they would not be, and McDonald's would reserve the right to dismiss them.

God does not think this is an unreasonable goal. The pro gay forces say they can't be stopped, boycotts won't work because people support them. We must prove them wrong! God wants you to lead in this effort. Again He would like you to raise millions of dollars to purchase coupons from other restaurants for free meals and hand them out to the elderly and the poor as part of our Presidential campaign. If you and your aides could be passing out coupons for Wendy's, Arby's, and others throughout Washington saying "Have a free meal from The Polley For President Committee! Elect God's Candidate!" that's the way We want to campaign. There has to be anti gay people in Washington with financial resources that want to stop the homosexual movement. If you could get them together and begin this campaign it would be a tremendous start in Our efforts. The world will see that we're not just buying ad time, we're feeding the hungry, we're helping the people that need help right now. And that's the kind of publicity that we want!

A Candidate For The Presidency Of The United States,
At The Bequest Of God The Father

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